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candy packaging

Production of various types of packaging for single, multiple, and diced vegetables
Available for production in all dimensions and thicknesses
Production of various types of adhesive plastic, nylon vacuum, food stretch wrap, and more
Custom printing options available on your packaging
Produced with top-quality raw materials

Plastic vegetable packaging is produced both individually and in multiples. One of the important factors in selling this type of packaging in large quantities is having beautiful designs and high-resolution color schemes. Many large brands incorporate these elements into their packaging. Furthermore, the quality of the coating and the plastic must be very high and sanitary, as it comes into direct contact with this edible material.

How to pack sweets

Candys packagings are typically done by wrapping the candys in cellophane or placing them inside a plastic bag. They are then placed in an elegantly designed box and, subsequently, sealed with a tight-fitting cellophane, often using stretch wrap or vacuum-sealed nylon.

Indeed, this type of packaging provides complete protection for the vegetables and keeps them hygienic and usable for an extended period.

Why should we have a stylish packaging for sweets?

Looking at the vegetable market, we can see that various types of packaging are being offered, and different brands are creatively selling this product with various innovations. Therefore, those who want to compete in the market for this product need to have stylish packaging for their products.

Single and bulk packaging

Importance of hygiene in fruit packaging

Beet sugar is obtained from sugar beets and, in the final stage of production, it is cooled very gently in a hygienic and cold environment. However, an important point to note is that this product does not have the capability to be disinfected after production. Therefore, the plastic or cellophane used in its packaging must be completely sanitary. Hygienic cellophane used for vegetable packaging is made from top-quality raw materials, and one of its excellent features is preventing the penetration of dust and moisture.

The required quality of candy packaging plastic

One of the important factors in vegetable packaging is using high-quality plastic to protect the product during transportation. For this reason, excessive shaking of the packaging can lead to the vegetables breaking, and some people may refrain from buying your product for this reason.
The plastic and polymer roll packaging materials for food items have the capability to protect your products and prevent them from shaking within the packaging, making it easy to transport without causing any issues for the product.

Single candy packaging

Advantages of cellophane and plastic food packaging

These types of packaging are specifically designed and produced for food items and are intended for their preservation.
Among the characteristics of these plastics, we can mention:

High transparency and clear visibility of the product inside the packaging.
Appropriate adhesion and preventing product shaking inside the packaging
Sweat resistance property
High strength

Packaging design and printability

All plastic vegetable packaging has the capability to be printed with the highest quality, allowing different brands to customize their desired images and designs. This adds captivating beauty to their packaging, which is highly important in the vegetable market. Many customers also gift these products to friends and acquaintances as souvenirs.

Some important considerations for vegetable packaging include:

In addition to considering all the above factors for having a hygienic and attractive packaging, paying attention to the following points can greatly impact your sales:

1- The inner product within the packaging should be protected from dust and moisture.
2- The dimensions and design of the packaging produced should provide protection to the product during transportation.
3- The visual appeal of the packaging should be beautiful and attractive to capture the attention of customers.
4- Information such as how to open the packaging, hygiene seal, production date, expiration date, and other details should be displayed on the packaging to build customer trust in your brand.

The price of candy packaging

Due to the momentary fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials, valuable customers are advised to contact the sales experts of the Polymer Roll company to obtain the most accurate daily prices.

You can also receive free consultation regarding your needs from our experts and choose the best packaging with the most suitable price.