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Roll Polymer production & printing services

Roll Polymer Factory is one of the pioneers in the production and printing of high quality polymer plastic products and flexo printing services etc. on plastic. You can ask us for products such as nylon, nylon, packaging envelope, cellophane and stretch film without intermediaries and at a competitive price for the domestic and export markets. Among the products we produce are:

All kinds of nylon plastic packaging, Nylex and thermal stretch films

کارخانه تولیدی رول پلیمر چاپ و تولید پلاستیک
Nominal daily production capacity of Nylon and Nylex
+ 8000 kg per day for all 3 active machines
Nominal daily production capacity of products related to stretch film
+ 5000 kg per day for stretch, shrink, cellophane categories
The nominal capacity of producing products ready for wholesale sale and supplying the warehouse
+ 5000 kg per day for garbage bags, freezer bags, wide nylon and tablecloths

Products and services of Roll Polymer factory

کارخانه تولید پلاستیک و نایلون رول پلیمر
Roll Polymer Company is an industrial unit that operates in the field of producing plastic products. With more than two decades of experience, this company is distinguished by the production and supply of high quality products and the use of advanced technologies. The products and services provided by the company include all kinds of adhesive and handle plastics, printing on plastic materials, disposable tablecloths, cellophane, garbage and freezer bags, as well as nylon products including stretch, bubble, shiring, and agricultural and greenhouse nylons. The main goal of this company is to provide quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction, at the same time, it is very important to improve production processes and quality management.

Roll Polymer Company uses advanced and modern machinery and equipment to produce its plastic products. These machines include a variety of production lines, printing and laminating machines, cutting and shaping machines, and packaging machines that operate automatically and semi-automatically. Using modern technologies and advanced engineering, these machines have the ability to produce high quality and high productivity products.

Roll Polymer Company uses quality and standard raw materials to produce its products. These raw materials include all kinds of recycled and new plastics, chemicals, paints and additives, all of which are compatible with international standards, and we guarantee that the final products are of high quality and suitable for various uses.