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Production of plastic freezer bags

Freezer bags, or bags suitable for keeping and storing food in freezers, are used to create a protective environment and eliminate air and moisture for food. The production process of these bags is generally as follows:

  • Choice of raw materials: To produce freezer bags, high quality plastic materials are used that have good resistance to cold, moisture, and pressure. High quality polyethylene is usually used to produce these bags
  • Manufacturing Process: After selecting the raw materials, the manufacturing process includes various steps. First, plastic materials are produced in the form of plastic strips with a certain width. Then these strips are shaped to the desired thickness and molded into bags suitable for the freezer.
  • Packaging: After production, freezer bags are packed in long rolls and ready for use.

Freezer bags are used as an effective solution for preserving and storing food in freezers. These bags usually have air locks that prevent air and moisture from entering the bag, thus increasing the duration of food storage in the freezer.

Types of plastic freezer bags

In previous years, nylon freezer was only available as wrappers or sheets, but today, with the advancement of technology, these bags are produced and marketed in different types of sheets, adhesive (calendar), boxes, and rolls:

Nylon freezer sheet: The packaging of this type of freezer bag is in the form of a plastic envelope. This product is sold in different ways, which can be mentioned in bulk and kilo packages.

Nylon Adhesive Freezer: In the production of an adhesive freezer bag and during its packaging, the sheets are standing and connected only at the end, and an adhesive is placed at the end to stick them. These freezer bags are also known as calendar bags among people, which can be separated from each other like wall calendar sheets.

Nylon Freezer Box: This type of freezer bag is designed like paper napkin packaging. Inside these boxes, the freezer bags are folded and placed on top of each other in such a way that when consuming, the bags can be easily taken out of the box from the slot on the upper surface of the box without needing to use both hands.

Easy-to-use box freezer bag: Easy-to-use nylon freezer bags are a kind of freezer bags that can be easily used and reused. These bags often have a resealable packaging system that allows users to put food inside them and then seal the package and transfer it to the freezer. Since these bags are reusable, they are also very environmentally friendly and help reduce some of the waste. These bags generally have the ability to keep food fresh and are strong enough to store food in the freezer.

Nylon freezer roll: Another type of freezer bag can be mentioned in its roll shape. In this model, the sheets that are rolled around a cardboard bobbin can be easily separated from the perforation at their ends. All kinds of roll freezer bags are packed in plastic and box.

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فروش عمده کیسه فریزر فله ای با قیمت ارزان

Important points when ordering freezer bags

Points you need to know when ordering and buying freezer bags:

  • Use of quality raw materials: Production of freezer bags should be made from first-class raw materials. The use of recycled materials can lead to the transfer of toxins and chemicals to the internal contents. It is better for the freezer bag to be transparent and not opaque.
  • Sturdy sewing: The freezer bag should have strong and strong sewing so that it does not tear due to the internal material being placed in it.
  • Natural color: Choosing a colorless freezer bag is a better option. Some freezer bags are produced in a color that may enter the food and contaminate it.
  • Standard dimensions: The standard dimensions of each sheet of a freezer bag is 25 x 35 cm, but today, various types of it are produced in different sizes. When buying, you should adapt the dimensions of the bag to your needs.
wholesale +500 Kilo In addition to different packages, freezer bags are also sold by kilos. This method is especially advantageous for industries that require a large volume of freezer bags, and it is possible to choose the size and size according to the customer’s needs.

Comparison of freezer bags in terms of use and their lids

In this table, we have compared the methods of printing on plastic with each other in terms of features, use, quality, price, degree of difficulty, time-consuming, according to the customer’s order, the printing method may change, and it is usual that Roll Polymer Company in this provides completely free consultations to customers, our most important feature for customers who intend to print on plastic types is that the design is done in this collection, and the resident graphic artist of the collection, in addition to the possibility of executing your project for free, designs He can also check and fix possible problems so that you can place your order safely.

Freezer bag typeUsedoorPriceProduction timeIngredients
RolledFood packaging in different sizes and desired cutsdoor perforationvariablelowquality plastic
TabbedFood packaging in standard sizesplastic or glueMediumMediumquality plastic
BoxedFood packaging in large volumes and easy storage in the refrigerator or freezerOpen and close by means of a locking or adhesive systemTopA lotquality plastic
Simple DoorPackaging and transporting food in small quantities for immediate consumptionopen and close manuallybottomlowHigh quality plastic

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Features and applications of freezer bags

Features of quality freezer bags:
  • Resistance to temperature: Quality freezer bags are made of materials that have a high resistance to low temperatures and protect from outside seams and leaks.
  • Flexibility: High-quality freezer bags have high flexibility that easily adapts to the shape and size of the internal content and prevents sudden replacement.
  • Smart packaging: With smart packaging, these bags prevent the possibility of air penetration and unpleasant odors entering into the content and ensure that the useful life of the content is extended as much as possible.
  • Sturdy construction: Quality freezer bags are made from materials that are highly resistant to breaking, tearing and falling, thus preserving the contents inside well.
  • Easy to use: These bags provide easy use for the user by having a suitable design and preventing sticking and sticking together.
With these unique features, quality freezer bags are an ideal choice for packaging and preserving various contents, from foods and foodstuffs to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Applications of nylon freezer:

Freezer bags are a very efficient and vital tool in our daily life and are used in various activities and applications. Some of the important and common uses of freezer bags are:

  • Food preservation: One of the main uses of freezer bags is to preserve food and various foodstuffs in the freezer. These bags prevent air and unpleasant odors from entering the food and increase their useful life.
  • Food storage: Freezer bags are also used as an effective means of storing food in environments outside of the freezer. These bags prevent contamination, air penetration and drying of food.
  • Packaging raw materials: Freezer bags are also used as an effective packaging device for various raw materials such as meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. These bags help to maintain the freshness and prolong the useful life of raw materials.
  • Storage of cosmetics: Freezer bags are also used to store cosmetics such as face masks, wet pads, sacks, jelly or skin cream, etc., and prevent drying and contamination. These devices prevent.
  • Protection of documents and documents: Some people use freezer bags to store important documents and documents such as certificates, ownership documents, contracts, etc. to protect them from water damage, dust and protect from pollution.

Online price inquiry for Plastic Nylon Freezer Bags

To get the price, you can simply fill out the opposite form and send us your information and the type of plastic freezer you want. If your design file is ready, the final price will be calculated more accurately, but if you don’t have the file or need It is not a problem to use our design services.

Free design services on plastic packaging
If you need a design, you can send us your logo file through the opposite form or send a collection to WhatsApp, then our colleagues will send you 1 or 2 designs for you to choose from. And then announce your possible changes, the next step is the production and printing of your plastic, and all these things are done for free.

Freezer bag production time requirements for special standard

If you intend to export to a certain country where you must apply specific standards to the freezer bags according to the laws of that country, for example, environmental and recycling standards, contact our colleagues for those items in production and Use of raw materials to make correct decisions.

Frequently asked questions before ordering plastic nylon (bag) freezer

Choosing the best type of freezer bag packaging depends on the specific characteristics and needs of each person and the situation of use. But in general, freezer bag packaging should have the following features:
  • Standard rules: Packaging must comply with food hygiene and safety standards.
  • Strength and resistance: The freezer bag must be strong and resistant to prevent food from tearing and leaking.
  • Transparency: The packaging should be transparent enough to see the contents of the bag.
  • Compatibility with the contents: The packaging should be suitable for different foods and prevent air and food salts from entering the bag.
  • Ease of use: The packaging should provide ease of use and access to the contents, for example with an easy-to-open and close lid or convenient handles for handling.
According to these criteria, box freezer bag packaging may be the best option because this type of packaging is usually resistant, transparent, compatible with all types of food and provides ease of use. But this packaging may not be suitable for certain uses, so choosing the best type of packaging depends on your own needs.

The temperature resistance of nylon bags generally depends on the type of material they are made of and the conditions of their use. For freezer bags, the nylons used usually have very good temperature resistance and can operate in temperatures as low as negative as -18°C or even lower without being stressed or failing.

But for use at higher temperatures, such as cooking food in boiling water or using in thermal environments, nylon bags must be made of a more resistant material that can withstand higher temperatures. For this purpose, a type of nylon resistant to high temperatures is usually used, such as heat-resistant nylon or water vapor resistant nylon, which have the ability to withstand higher temperatures.

Freezer bag packages usually come in different sizes. Common packages include a number of freezer bags with the same or different dimensions. For example, 25-packs, 50-packs, or 100-packs of freezer bags are common. But packs with less or more may also be available in the market, depending on the needs and preferences of the consumer as well as the order we receive from the product supplier.

Our company produces high quality Roll Polymer for our dear customers using modern technologies and many years of experience in the field of producing and printing freezer bag packaging. These polymer rolls, which are produced using quality and standard raw materials, are able to meet the diverse needs of customers in the field of freezer bag packaging.

Due to our advanced equipment and modern production lines, it is possible to print various designs on freezer bag packaging, which is done by a skilled and expert design and printing team. After production and printing, these packages are sent to wholesale customers in rolls and ready to be cut and packaged, so that they can package their products with the highest standards and using attractive and unique designs. to do to the individual.