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تولید و فروش عمده نایلکس فروشگاهی ارزان قیمت

Nylex is used as a protective alternative for products that need to maintain their freshness and quality, including food, electronic products, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products, and more.

Production of all kinds of Nylons & Nylex

Nylex is a type of polymer which is used as a suitable alternative to prevent air and moisture penetration in product packaging. The nylex production process is made from polymer raw materials, which mainly include high pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and low pressure polyethylene (LDPE). These polymer materials are transformed into plastic films by applying heat and pressure in special devices. Nylex production process includes several important steps:
  • Preparation of raw materials: The polymer materials needed for the production of Nylex are carefully selected and then their production process begins in the form of corn, wheat or petroleum polymers.
  • Transfer of materials: After preparation, polymer materials are transferred to suitable production devices.
  • Film production: Polymeric materials are transformed into Nylex films by applying heat and pressure in special devices. These films are produced with desirable properties such as strength, flexibility, and high transparency.
  • Cutting and packaging: After production, Nylex films are cut to the required sizes and then transferred to suitable packages to be ready for use in product packaging.
In Roll Polymer Company, in addition to exclusive and customized production of Nylex, we have various types of this product in the form of a complete depot in the collection warehouse, which are available at competitive cheap prices and different qualities according to the customer’s needs and the weight of the customer’s product. We sell wholesale, contact sales associates for more information.

Types of Nylex

Nylex is one of the most useful polymers used in the packaging of various products. Different types of nylons include:
  • Transparent nylons: This type of product is known as one of the most widely used types. This type of Nylex is very popular due to its high transparency and ability to display internal content.
  • Matte Nylexes: In this type of nylexes, the surface of the film is opaque, which prevents light from completely passing through it and prevents the contents from being seen inside. be.
  • Colored nylons: This type of nylons has different colors that are used to attract the attention of customers or match the product brand.
  • Nylexes with different thicknesses: Nylexes are produced with different thicknesses, which are used depending on the product packaging needs.
  • Waterproof nylons: This type of nylons has a waterproof feature, which is used to package products that prevent contact with water.
  • Combined Nylexes: Nylexes that are produced from the combination of different materials are known as hybrid Nylexes that have different characteristics from any type of normal Nylexes.
Also, nylons can be in the form of rolls, sheets, adhesives or boxes, each of these types of packaging is used depending on the needs and type of product.
نایلکس شفاف، نایلکس مشکی، نایلکس آجری و رنگ بندی در نایلکس
تفاوتی نایلون و نایلکس در کاربرد و استفاده و ویژگی هایشان

What is the difference between nylon and nylon?

The main difference between nylon and nylons is in their features and how to use them:

  • Raw materials: Nylon is a material that is produced from polymers such as nylon 6 and nylon 66. On the other hand, nylons are a type of nylon that is specifically designed for packing and wrapping products.
  • Applications: Nylon, as a polymer material, is used in various industries including clothing, packaging, home appliances, and automotive. On the other hand, nylons, as a type of nylon, are mostly used for packaging and protecting products against environmental damage such as moisture, air, and dust.
  • Features: Both nylons and nylons have the characteristics of transparency, strength, flexibility, and temperature resistance. However, nylons are usually used as a packaging component with particular attention to transparency and resistance to breakage.

A simple way to differentiate between nylon and nylex is that nylon makes a small noise when crumpled, while nylex makes a hissing sound. These differences in the structure and physical characteristics of products create meaningful distinctions between them.

Comparison of the production methods of Nylex and raw materials for the production of this product

The raw materials for the production of this product generally include polyethylene or polypropylene. These polymers can be structurally different, including high pressure polyethylene polymers (HDPE), low pressure polyethylene polymers (LDPE), polypropylene polymers (PP), etc. Each type of raw material can add different properties to nylons, such as thickness, flexibility, heat resistance and break resistance.

Plastic Nylex Material TypeIngredientsPriceProduction timeThicknessDimensionsQualityweightUse
Nylex HDPEhigh pressure polyethyleneMediumMediumvariablevariableTopstyleFood packaging
nylex LDPElow pressure polyethylenelowFastvariablevariableMediumstyleIndustrial and consumer product packaging
Nylex PPPolypropyleneTopSlowvariablevariableTopstylePackaging chemicals and petroleum products

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Features and applications of Plastic Nylex

plastic nylex features:

Quality nylons, as a widely used plastic material, have many features that distinguish it from other packaging materials. Due to these characteristics, quality nylons as a multi-purpose packaging material are the main choice of various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, industrial, and consumer industries. These features include the following:

  • Resistance: Quality plastic nylex has high resistance to impact, abrasion, and pressure, making it a reliable and ideal option for product packaging.
  • Flexibility: This plastic material has good flexibility that allows it to be used in various types of packaging, including food and industrial packaging.
  • Transparency: Quality plastic nylex has a high transparency, which makes it possible to see the contents of the package easily.
  • Heat resistance: This type of plastic has good resistance to different temperatures, which is used to package products that need to maintain a certain temperature.
  • Odorless and tasteless: Quality plastic nylex is packaged without any annoying odor or affect on the taste of the products, making it an ideal packaging material for food.

Applications of plastic nylex:

As one of the widely used packaging materials, plastic nylex plays an important role in our daily life. With its unique features, this material is used in various industries and fields. Below are some of the uses of this product in daily life:

  • Food packaging: This product is used for packaging various food including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, and protein products. This packaging preserves the freshness, safety, and quality of food.
  • Pharmaceutical product packaging: This product is used as a sanitary packaging material for packaging pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, capsules, and syrups, which plays an important role in maintaining the quality and safety of these pharmaceutical products.
  • Electronic industry: In the electronics industry, this product is used for packaging and protection of electronic products. This packaging protects against external hazards such as dirt, water, and shocks.
  • Industrial product packaging: This product is used in various industries such as automotive, construction, and chemical industries for product packaging and transportation, which plays an important role in maintaining the quality and safety of these products.
  • Various household uses: This product is used in household uses such as packaging of hygiene products, cosmetics, household appliances, and other products, which is effective in preserving and transporting these products
  • .Packaging and transportation of industrial materials: This product is also used in packaging and transportation of industrial materials such as chemicals, industrial food materials, and petrochemical products, which plays an important role in the safety and preservation of these materials.

Classification of nylons based on appearance differences

plastic nylex online price inquiry

To get the price, you can simply fill out the opposite form and send us your information and the desired type of Nylex, if your design file is ready, the final price will be calculated more accurately, but if you do not have a file or need to use It is not a problem to have our design services.

Free design services on plastic nylex

If you need a design, you can send us your logo file through the opposite form or send a collection to WhatsApp, then our colleagues will send you 1 or 2 designs for you to choose from. And then announce your possible changes, the next step is the production and printing of your plastic nylex and all these things are done for free.

Time needed to produce plastic nylex

First of all, let’s say that most of them buy ready-made nylons from the available dimensions, nylons are always available in Roll Polymer’s warehouse, and we have the option of sending a single sample to the customer, if you need nylons based on thickness and You can use our production services to produce the dimensions you want.

Frequently asked questions before ordering plastic nylex

The minimum order weight for advertising plastic nylex printing is proportional to the type and number of colors and the type of product category. The minimum order weight is 100 kg for printing one color and two colors on banana and stilettos. But for printing three colors to eight colors, this amount increases to 200 kg. Also, for grouping and group reinforcement, the minimum order weight for printing one color and two colors is 500 kg, and for printing three colors up to eight colors, 1000 kg. But if the circulation is below 100 kg, there is still the possibility of silk printing in advertising plastic nylex.

To do creative and distinctive advertising using plastic nylex Advertising, you can create a graphic design or a famous sentence for your brand. These designs and sentences can show your brand identity and give your ads more credibility and personality.

Using promotional plastics can be just as effective as other advertising methods. This method is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to advertise and allows you to easily present your information to customers using your logo, address and contact number.

To ensure the quality of the work, be sure to visit the manufacturer you want to work with and get samples of their previous work and the quality of their prints. Ensuring the quality of work before placing an order can prevent problems and disruptions in the future.