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Garbage Bags

Garbage bag production is an industrial process that uses synthetic plastic raw materials. These bags are used as an essential tool for collecting and disposing of waste around the world. The production steps of garbage bags include the following steps:
  • Selection of raw materials: The raw materials used in the production of garbage bags usually include different plastics such as polyethylene (LDPE or HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). These raw materials are prepared from mineral resources or recycled materials.
  • Preparation of raw materials: After the plastic raw materials are selected, they are melted and turned into granules that are used as input for the next steps in the production of garbage bags.
  • Production of plastic film: In this step, the plastic granules are transformed into a flat and wide plastic film by the extruder. This film can be produced with different thicknesses and widths, depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Cutting and shaping: After production, the plastic film is cut to the desired length and then they end up in the shape of the desired garbage bags. These bags may be packed in rolls or in separate bags.
  • Packaging and distribution: Garbage bags are prepared for distribution to different markets after being produced and shaped into a suitable shape. These bags are packed in bulk or retail and sent to stores and product supply centers.
Finally, garbage bags are ready to use for collecting and disposing of various wastes in homes, public places, industries and other places.

Types of garbage bags and their uses

Garbage bags of different types are used to collect and dispose of garbage, each of these types has specific features and uses:
  • Household garbage bags: These types of bags are designed for use in homes and residential environments. They are often made of high-quality plastic materials and have a suitable thickness for collecting household waste
  • Industrial waste bags: These types of bags are usually used to collect production and industrial waste. They may have a higher thickness and be made of more resistant materials to match the harsh industrial conditions
  • Thick bags: These bags are mainly used to collect heavy and bulky waste, for example for carrying construction waste or building materials. Their high thickness prevents tearing and tearing
  • Hospital waste bags: These types of bags are used to collect medical and hospital waste. They have certain hygiene standards and are usually colored in certain colors such as red or yellow so that their contents can be easily identified.
Each of these types of garbage bags has a specific task, and depending on the type of use, the materials collected in them can effectively help in collecting and disposing of garbage.
تولید و فروش عمده کیسه زباله بیمارستانی
تولید و فروش عمده کیسه زباله خانگی فله، عمده و کیلویی و بیمارستانی

Hospital garbage bag and sanitary standard coloring

hospital waste bags are a very vital component of the waste management process in healthcare facilities. These bags are used to collect and dispose of medical and hospital waste that may contain hazardous and contaminated materials. These bags have specific standard colors designed to identify and separate their contents and prevent the transmission of infections. The standard colors of hospital waste bags are:
  • Red Hospital Garbage Bags: For collecting and disposing of hazardous and blood-contaminated waste, contaminated medical materials, sharp instruments including needles and blades, and other hazardous materials
  • Yellow Hospital Garbage Bags: Used to collect non-hazardous but recyclable waste including paper, cardboard, plastics and other recyclables
  • Green bags: are commonly used to collect organic waste such as organic matter, food scraps and biodegradable materials
  • Black bags: Used to collect non-hazardous and non-recyclable but high-quality waste.

The standard coloring of these bags is to make it possible to quickly and fundamentally identify the contents of waste, reduce health risks, and improve the waste management process in healthcare centers. These standards are set by international health organizations such as WHO and CDC and are vital for maintaining public health.

Sale of bulk garbage bags

As one of the pioneers in the production of garbage bags, Roll Polymer Company carries out its production with high precision and quality. All garbage bags are prepared by this company using quality raw materials and the best production technologies. After production, the products are stored in bulk and kilos in the warehouses of Roll Polymer Company.

The warehouses of this company are carefully and efficiently managed to keep the garbage bags in proper condition. After the warehousing process, the garbage bags are sent to customers with strong and safe packaging for sale. This warehousing method allows the company to continuously supply high-quality garbage bags to the market and meet the various needs of customers.

Due to the distinct management approach and detailed planning, Roll Polymer Company is known as one of the main suppliers of garbage bags in the Iranian market and for export. If you are a businessman and you export and you need to follow specific environmental standards for your destination country, you can also contact us so that the product can be prepared exclusively and customized for you.
تولید و فروش عمده کیسه زباله فله، عمده، پرفراژ و کیلویی

Comparison of types of garbage bags based on production

The types of garbage bags are different based on the production method and raw materials and uses. Garbage bags are usually produced in two ways: woven and cast. Woven garbage bags are made of high quality polyethylene and have more resistance and strength. These types of bags are suitable for household use and daily use such as collecting household and environmental waste. Molded garbage bags are made from various materials such as light and heavy polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. These bags are mostly used for industrial purposes and heavy applications such as construction, industrial and hospital waste collection. Each of these types of garbage bags has special features such as breaking resistance, flexibility and high volume, and they are selected based on different needs and uses.

Garbage bag type Ingredients Price Thickness Standard Use
Plain black or white garbage bag quality polyethylene Medium Medium Sanitary Home, Everyday
Specific Standard Garbage Bag polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon Miscellaneous medium to thick industrial, hospital industrial, hospital, construction

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Features and uses of garbage bags

Quality Garbage Bag Features:

  • Raw materials: These bags are made from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, etc.
  • Thickness: Garbage bags can vary in thickness, from thin bags suitable for household use to thick bags for industrial and hospital use
  • Dimensions: Garbage bags are produced in different sizes and dimensions to meet a variety of different needs
  • Usability: These bags are used to collect and dispose of waste in different environments
  • Resistance: Garbage bags should have a suitable resistance to the weight and volume of garbage
  • Hygiene standards: Some waste bags meet health and environmental standards, for example hospital waste bags
  • Applications: These bags are used for household, industrial, hospital, construction and other purposes
  • Recyclability: Many garbage bags are made from recyclable materials, which can be environmentally important.

Applications of thick garbage bag:

Garbage bags in offices, organizations and companies play an important role in waste management and production waste disposal. Some of the uses of these bags in these places are:

  • Collection of paper waste: Garbage bags are used in offices to collect paper waste and unnecessary documents.
  • Disposal of kitchen waste: In companies and organizations where it is possible to have an internal kitchen, garbage bags are used to dispose of kitchen waste and food residues.
  • Recyclable waste collection: In environments where there is a waste recycling program, garbage bags are used to collect and dispose of recyclable waste.
  • Electronic waste disposal: In offices and companies that use electronic equipment, garbage bags are used to dispose of old and broken electronic parts and devices.
  • Waste management: Using garbage bags in offices and companies is very important for better waste management and cleaning the work environment.
  • Hygiene maintenance: Using garbage bags in workplaces is very important to maintain hygiene and prevent air and environment pollution.

White or black drawstring garbage bag

Garbage bags with straps are one of the essential tools in homes for waste management. These bags have straps that we tie tightly to close their lids. The use of these types of bags, together with the tight packaging of garbage, helps the cleanliness and hygiene of the house and prevents the scattering of garbage and its unpleasant smell. By tying the lid of the bag, we can carry and dispose of the waste easily and prevent any leakage or release of waste materials.

Bulk garbage bag price inquiry online

To get the price, you can simply fill out the opposite form and send us your information and the desired type of nylon. If your design file is ready, the final price will be calculated more accurately, but if you do not have a file or need to use It is not a problem to have our design services.

Free design services on garbage bag packaging

If you need a design, you can send us your logo file through the opposite form or send a collection to WhatsApp, then our colleagues will send you 1 or 2 designs for you to choose from. And then announce your possible changes, the next step is the production and printing of your nylon, and all these things are done for free.

Timing of the production of plain or strapped garbage bags

Usually, it doesn’t take much time to prepare garbage bags, and if the combination of the raw materials of the bags that are available in the polymer roll depot is suitable for you, you can use the ready-made garbage products according to the quality level you want, but If you need a special design and packaging, or if you want a certain quality level, you must plan for at least 3 weeks, because the production line of this product is usually full and it requires the execution of customer orders.

Classification of garbage bags based on quality and thickness

Premium trash bags are made from high-quality polyethylene plastic, often made from recycled or recycled plastics. These plastics usually have good physical and chemical properties that make them ideal for use in garbage bags. Among the characteristics of these plastics, resistance to tearing, shock and moisture can be mentioned. Also, these bags usually have the right thickness to prevent premature tearing and waste leakage.

Grade 2 and 3 trash bags are usually made from lower-quality plastics, often made from recycled or dual-use plastics. These plastics may include materials such as lower quality polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyvinyl chloride.

Since the materials used in these bags are of lower quality, they are usually less recyclable and may be less recyclable if they are made from recycled plastics. Also, these bags may have a higher carbon footprint than premium trash bags due to the use of lower quality materials and a less precise manufacturing process.

The disposable car garbage bag is an efficient and useful tool for collecting waste generated during car trips. These bags are generally made of quality plastic material and have straps or handles for easy installation inside the car. By placing a garbage bag inside the car, passengers are able to quickly and easily collect small garbage such as food packaging, bottles, paper and the like. The use of these bags helps to have a clean and orderly car interior and at the same time helps to preserve the environment. After use, the disposable car trash bag is easily disposed of and can help keep the car and the environment clean.

As we said before, the production line of Roll Polymer Company is able to produce exclusive and unique samples you want. We can point to the following examples of specific examples of garbage bags:

Strapped: In this type, a plastic strap is placed in the opening of the bag, which allows the plastic lid of the waste to be closed easily.
With Handle: For easier transport, nylon waste can be manufactured with a handle. The handlebars are able to withstand high weight
Roll (perforated): One of the most convenient types of garbage bags, roll samples are perforated for easier separation.
Box: This type is made in the form of a box similar to paper towels and is suitable for small waste plastics.

Any type of order can be used to produce a unique product, and we are ready to cooperate with you to produce garbage bags with your special and desired features.

Frequently asked questions before ordering garbage bags

Garbage bags are essential items in homes, workplaces, and public places that are used to dispose of dry and wet garbage. The general and widely used dimensions of these bags include the following sizes:
  • 70 x 55 cm
  • 80 x 60 cm
  • 90 x 70 cm
  • 120 x 80 cm
  • 150 x 120 cm
These dimensions correspond to people’s daily needs for collecting and disposing of garbage, and are usually standard sizes for use in homes, workplaces, schools, and other public places.

Garbage bags, according to the type and form of production and use, have different types, which include:

  • Rolled bags: These types of bags come in the form of rolls, and by using the appropriate mechanism, you can directly cut the waste bags into the required sizes from the rolls.
  • Sheet bags: These bags are packed in sheets and each sheet contains one bag. These types of bags are suitable for multiple uses
  • Three-roll bags: These bags are packed in three rolls and each roll has several bags. These types of bags are very popular due to their ease of use and maintenance
  • Box bags: These bags are packed in the form of a box, and inside each box there are a number of bags that are very easy to open.
  • Bulk bags: These types of bags are sold in bulk without special packaging and are usually used for public use in places such as parks and public environments.
  • London Garbage Plastic Bags: These bags are produced in special and distinctive colors in the shape of London Garbage Plastic and are usually used to collect special waste such as recyclable materials or hazardous materials.
Regarding the general sizes of garbage bags, most people use 55*70 and 60*80 cm sizes for home use. These sizes are suitable for daily household waste collection and are more preferred due to their easy portability and convenient use.

Some trash bags may back up for a number of reasons, including:

  • Poor quality trash bags: If you use low quality trash bags made from recycled or non-recycled materials, the material inside the bag may leak through the cracks or even through the wall. The bag will leak and as a result the bag will give back water
  • Hole or crack in the bag: If the garbage bag has a hole or crack, liquid may leak out and cause splashing
  • Exposure to pressure: If the garbage bag is placed too much under the weight of the material, the pressure on the bag may increase and cause liquid material to leak.

In general, using high-quality trash bags, choosing the right materials, and making sure the bag is healthy can help prevent trash bags from leaking.

A hospital autoclave garbage bag is a type of garbage bag that is used to collect and dispose of medical waste from hospitals and health centers. Due to their special characteristics, these bags are very vital for controlling infections and maintaining public health.

The features of the hospital autoclave waste bag include the following:

  • Heat resistance: These bags are made of materials that have sufficient resistance to autoclave heat. An autoclave is a device that disinfects and destroys medical waste using steam and high pressure.
  • Non-penetrating ability: These bags should not have the ability to penetrate so that waste material does not leak inside them during the disinfection process.
  • Standard size and color: Hospital autoclave waste bags usually have a standard size and color so that they can be clearly distinguished from other waste bags and used for medical waste collection.
  • Pressure resistance: These bags must be able to withstand the pressure and weight of medical waste in order to perform well during the collection and disposal process.

By using hospital autoclave waste bags, medical waste is managed in a safe and hygienic manner and the risk of transmission of infections is reduced.