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Production of plastic packaging
Roll Polymer produces plastic and nylon packaging with food grade standards, single and multi-layer packages
Production and printing of large plastic packaging
Packaging for industrial and construction products such as cement, concrete additives, cable packages and accessories, sanitary plastic packages
Production of dry and wet food packaging
All kinds of packaging for dry, wet and frozen products are produced in the polymer roll factory
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Plastic packaging (nylon)

Plastic or nylon packaging is a type of packaging material that is produced from various plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other polymers. This type of packaging is offered in different types such as nylon plastics with different widths and various features in Roll Polymer Company.

Nylon plastic packaging is widely used due to its features such as transparency, moisture and air resistance, lightness, elasticity and flexibility, suitable mechanical strength and reasonable price. This type of packaging is usually used for packaging food, industrial products, pharmaceutical products, stationery, household appliances and other consumer products. Also, nylon plastic packaging is very important in transportation, storage and maintaining the size and quality of products.

Roll Polymer Company operates as a leading manufacturer in the field of plastic and nylon packaging. The company’s products include a variety of packaging, including nylon plastics with prominent features such as transparency, moisture and air resistance, lightness and elasticity. These packages are widely used in various industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, industrial industry and other consumer industries. The ability of this company to produce quality packaging with international standards has made it one of the pioneers of this industry.

Types of plastic packaging

Plastic packaging is a way to protect products during transportation, storage and market, even beautiful packaging can be considered the most important reason for customers to buy. These packages can have different types, including the following:

  • Nylon packaging: This type of packaging is made of nylon materials and is used to protect products from moisture, dust and air pollution.
  • Polyethylene packaging: Polyethylene is one of the most widely used packaging materials, which is used to package liquid and solid products due to its flexibility, resistance to breaking, and food safety.
  • PVC packaging: PVC material is one of the plastic materials that is used to produce transparent and resistant packaging. This type of packaging is suitable for products that need to display their status.
  • Thermoform packaging: This type of packaging is based on a heat process that allows products to be packaged in different shapes and sizes.
  • Film packaging: Plastic films are designed for packaging products in the form of rolls and sheets, which pack the products properly and tightly using appropriate packaging devices.
Roll Polymer Company operates with a brilliant experience in the field of production and printing of plastic and nylon packaging. This company guarantees quality and reliability in the production of various products using the latest technologies.
تولید و چاپ روی پلاستیک نایلون
چاپ و تولید انواع نایلون و کیسه برای کالا و لوازم خودر

The difference between polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC packaging

Plastic and nylon packaging in industries play the role of the body, which forms the skin and image. Plastic packaging is often made from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Due to their strength, flexibility, and lightness, these packages are used in packaging various products such as food, hygiene items, and consumables.

On the other hand, nylon packaging is made from materials such as polyethylene nylon (PE), polypropylene nylon (PP), and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). These packages are used in some cases due to features such as heat resistance, transparency, and providing more protection against air and moisture.

According to the needs and specifications of the product, the choice between plastic and nylon packaging depends on the physical characteristics and storage conditions of the products. Also, using the world’s experience and technologies, Roll Polymer Company provides quality and standard packaging for its customers, which guarantees the safety and protection of products.

“Roll Polymer Company” has put together a group of experts and technical capabilities in the production of various packages using raw materials that suit the needs of customers. Among the raw materials used by “Roll Polymer Company” in the production of packaging are polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene nylon (PE), polypropylene nylon (PP). , and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

Printing nylon vinyl rolls (plastic)

“Roll Polymer Company” is proudly known as a manufacturer of high quality nylon vinyl (plastic) rolls that are used for packaging various products. These rolls are especially used for bottles of drinks, jam, toiletries, cleaners such as shampoo, toilet liquid and Vitex and other products.

The nylon vinyl rolls of Roll Polymer products are very popular for packaging different products due to their unique features. These rolls have high flexibility, resistance to wear and tear, high durability against various environmental factors such as humidity, heat and sunlight. In addition, the ability to print and personalize designs on these rolls allows brands and manufacturers to create attractive and unique packages.

Common raw materials for the production of vinyl rolls include polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These polymer materials are made from hydrocarbon materials. PVC is a plastic material with high flexibility and resistance, which is used to produce a variety of packaging products due to its characteristics such as resistance to water, chemicals, heat and other environmental factors. This material can be produced in different ways such as extrusion or calendering, and various additives are used to add color and other desired features.

تولید رول نوشیدنی مانند برچسب رول آب معدنی و نوشابه

Comparison of packaging plastic printing methods

Printing methods on packaging plastic can be different due to different needs and different characteristics of packaging materials. Below is a comparison of several printing methods for packaging plastic.
print method Advantages Disadvantages Pricing Time without Print quality Use
Flexography – High speed – Ability to print on irregular surfaces – Resistance to environmental factors – Limitation in the variety of colors, dimensions and accuracy of printing medium to low Usually less than 24 hours Medium Packaging, labeling
rotography – The possibility of printing in high circulations – High Quality – The ability to print on non-smooth surfaces – High cost – Restrictions on quick print changes Top More time Top packaging, labeling
offset – High quality – Variety of colors and designs – Ability to print on a variety of surfaces – More time and high cost for initial setup – Fewer circulations Top Medium to high Top packaging, labeling
Digital – High speed – High variety in printing – The possibility of printing smaller circulations – Ability to print variable (based on order) – Print quality in some cases lower than other methods – High cost of ink consumption Low to medium Usually under 24 hours variable Packaging, labeling

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Features and uses of plastic packaging bags

Features of using plastic packaging envelopes

The use of plastic packaging envelopes has many features that are widely used in various industries. Some of the features of this type of packaging are:

  • Preserving freshness: Plastic packaging envelopes prevent air, light, and moisture from entering the products, which helps preserve the freshness and quality of the products over time.
  • Product protection: This type of packaging protects products from impact, scratches, dust and other environmental hazards.
  • Increasing attractiveness and advertising: Plastic packaging envelopes provide the possibility of printing designs, brands, and advertising information, which attract customers’ attention and increase product sales.
  • Easy to use: This type of packaging is easy to open and close, allowing it to be reused.

Uses of plastic packaging envelopes Plastic packaging envelopes are used as a versatile and widely used packaging solution in various industries, for example:

  • Food industry: The use of plastic packaging envelopes in the packaging of food products such as tea, coffee, sweets, dried fruits, meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables, etc., due to creating Protecting and preserving the freshness of products is very common.
  • Health and cosmetic industry: Plastic packaging envelopes are used for packaging health and cosmetic products such as soap, shampoo, creams, perfumes, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, plastic packaging envelopes are also used to pack pills, capsules, medicinal drinks, etc.
  • Consumer industries: Among the products that are packed using plastic packaging envelopes are consumer products such as pads, diapers, wet wipes, etc.
  • Electronic industry: Plastic packaging envelopes are also used in the packaging of electronic components, mobile accessories, laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Agricultural industries: Plastic packaging envelopes are used to package agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, etc.

Classification of printing on Plastic Packages

Price inquiry for plastic packaging online

Plastic and nylon packaging are the most important and most difficult products of Roll Polymer Company, difficult because different standards from health and cosmetics and food industries to environmental standards are all involved in their production, but finally despite the software Today’s modern machines and advanced machines, these packages have become more beautiful and advanced, and most Iranian factories can produce products that can compete with industries outside of Iran despite the presence of educated young workers. We, in Roll Polymer, have been able to greatly improve the quality level both in terms of appearance and raw materials, with the presence of forces with academic knowledge in the field of package production and design.

Free design services on packaging and plastic packs of your products

If you need a design, you can send us your logo file through the opposite form or send a collection to WhatsApp, then our colleagues will send you 1 or 2 designs for you to choose from. And then announce your possible changes, the next step is the production and printing of your nylon, and all these things are done for free.

Production timing of packaging

If our default is that the design is ready and the type of packaging has been specified in terms of the required standards and raw materials, the start of production until the product reaches you, dear customer, needs at least 3 or 4 weeks, especially if products from These hands require high precision. But you must consult with our sales associates before any planning for production and considering that we have mentioned the minimum time.

Classification of packaging type and application in industries

Printed metallized aluminum envelope

It is a type of packaging envelope that is made of materials such as aluminum metallized film and has various designs and prints on its surface. These envelopes are produced through a process called foiling, in which aluminum film is placed on the surface of the envelope as a layer, and then they are designed and printed by special printers. These envelopes are commonly used to package products such as coffee, tea, snacks, food products, health and hygiene products, electronic products, etc. Printed aluminum metallized envelopes are used as a packaging solution for sensitive products due to features such as protection against light, moisture, air, odors and foreign particles, resistance to heat and other environmental conditions. The use of printed aluminum metallized envelopes helps in product advertising and marketing because these types of envelopes have the ability to attract and advertise and can help product branding.

Printed packages

Printed envelopes that are printed at Roll Polymer Company are a type of plastic packaging that gives personality and charm to products by printing images, writings, designs and logos on their surface. . This type of packaging is used in various industries due to the ability to print advertising and information on the envelope. These envelopes can be used for packaging food, health and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, consumer products and other industries. The features of printed envelopes are:
  • Possibility of printing high quality images and eye-catching designs on the surface of the envelope.
  • Flexibility in design and choice of material and thickness used.
  • Ability to transmit information and advertising and branding messages to customers.
  • Creating effective and attractive visual communication with customers.
  • Resistance to different weather conditions and keeping the content inside the envelope fresh.
Types of printed envelopes
  • Regal printed envelope
  • printed envelope with zipper
  • Printed envelope with handle
  • printed envelope with cassette
  • Printed envelope box pooch
  • Printed envelope with valve
  • Printed envelope standing on the floor of the cassette
  • Standing printed envelope with flat bottom
  • Easy-open printed envelope
  • Other models of printed envelope packaging
Sewing printed packaging envelopes
Sewing printed packaging envelopes is a production process in which fabrics or plastic films are connected to each other using special machines and cut into the required size and shape to form the final envelopes. These envelopes are usually produced using printed plastic films that have already been designed and printed. In the process of sewing printed packaging envelopes, first the desired film or fabric is cut and then they are connected together to produce the final envelopes. This process may include various steps such as cutting, sewing, gluing, shaping and packing to produce the final packaging envelopes. Finally, printed packaging envelopes are ready to be used in the packaging of various products such as food, hygiene, detergents, pharmaceuticals and other products. In addition to keeping the product fresh, these envelopes also have the ability to attract and advertise, which can help product branding and marketing.

Printed kraft paper packaging

It is a type of packaging envelope that is made of kraft paper and has various prints and designs on its surface. These envelopes are produced through a process called offset printing, in which the desired designs and patterns are printed on kraft paper and then cut into envelopes. Printed kraft paper envelopes are often used to package a variety of products such as snacks, paper towels, health and hygiene products, stationery, promotional gifts, etc. Due to features such as recyclability, beauty, resistance to moisture and other environmental conditions, these envelopes are considered as an attractive and environmental solution for product packaging. The use of printed kraft paper envelopes also helps in the advertising and marketing of products because these types of envelopes have features such as multi-color printing, beautiful and attractive design, and the ability to install labels and advertising information. Envelopes with cassettes include the following designs and models, which are:
  • cassette envelope
  • cassette floor envelope
  • 3-sided cassette envelope

Clear zipper packaging

It is a type of packaging that is made of transparent plastic material and has the ability to open and close using a zipper lock. These envelopes are often used to package products that need to be protected from moisture, dust and air pollution. Clear zipper envelopes are usually produced in various sizes and shapes, including flat envelopes, stand-up envelopes, bulk envelopes, etc. These envelopes are often used to pack food products such as nuts, dried fruits, beans, snacks, dry and fresh fruits, sausages and sausages, cosmetic products, electronic devices, etc. The advantages of using a transparent zipped envelope include the ability to see the contents inside the envelope, the ability to keep fresh and clean products, being spill-proof, the ability to reuse and recycle, the ability to print advertising and branding information, creating a beautiful and attractive effect, and reducing waste. Mentioned products.
  • Simple zip pocket
  • single zipper envelope
  • double zipper envelope
  • Butterfly zip pocket
  • Japanese zipper envelope
  • Sliding zip envelope

Printed laminated packaging

It is a type of packaging that consists of a laminated layer and has the ability to print on its outer surface. These envelopes are often used to pack valuable and important products that need to be protected and prevented from scratches, moisture and external damage. Printed laminated envelopes are usually composed of several different layers, including plastic and foil layers along with aluminum layers or porous foils to increase resistance to moisture and heat. These envelopes are used to pack products such as coffee, sweets, biscuits, non-alcoholic drinks, food products and chemicals. Among the advantages of using printed laminated envelopes, the following can be mentioned:
  • Protection of products against moisture, oxygen, UV light and harmful gases
  • Increasing the useful life of products
  • Ability to print beautifully and attractively on the outer surface of the envelope
  • preventing scratches and external damage to products
  • Increasing the visual appeal and branding of products

pouch box packaging

It is one of the packaging methods in which envelopes are designed and produced in the form of boxes. These envelopes are made of a flat plastic sheet and then folded into a box and sealed. These types of envelopes are often used to package products such as food, edible products, detergents, health products, etc. The advantages of using the pocket box include the following:
  • A beautiful and professional look that gives the product and increases the value of the brand.
  • Easy to store and carry because of the box structure it creates.
  • The possibility of printing product and brand information on the outer surface of the envelope, which strengthens the direct connection with the consumer.
  • Increasing product resistance and stability against external damage such as moisture, dust and impact.
  • Possibility of reusing the envelope due to the ability to open the package and seal it again.
The use of empty box envelopes not only helps the brand of the product but also adds benefits to the product in terms of functionality, these types of envelopes offer flexibility and efficiency in harmony with the needs of customers.

packages with transparent sections as windows

A type of packaging in which a transparent window is created on the surface of the envelope to allow the customer to see the contents inside the envelope. These types of envelopes are used to package products that need to be displayed, such as food, edible products, cosmetics and health products, electronic devices, etc. The advantages of using a printed window envelope include the following:
  • Possibility of showing the contents of the envelope to customers, which increases trust in the product.
  • Preventing the need for customers to open the envelope to view the content, which can ensure the freshness and quality of the product.
  • Increasing visual appeal and brand value by printing designs, logos and product information on envelopes.
  • Possibility of providing a variety of products in different dimensions and shapes to meet the specific needs of customers.
  • Increasing the useful life of products due to their protection against moisture, dust and external pollution.
With the help of printed windowed envelopes, businesses can present their products to customers in an attractive and professional way, and as a result, experience better sales and marketing.

Valve packaging printing

It is a type of packaging that has a valve or valve in its upper or lower part that provides access to the internal contents by opening and closing easily. This type of packaging is used for products that need frequent use, such as food, snacks, coffee, dry fruits, chemical products, etc. The advantages of using a valved envelope include the following:
  • Easy and repetitive opening and closing, which allows the user to use the product repeatedly.
  • Preserving the freshness and quality of the product due to the ability to repack after use.
  • Preventing the penetration of air, humidity and pollution into the envelope, which guarantees the durability of the product.
  • Increasing the durability and useful life of products due to their protection against harmful external factors.
  • Possibility to display the brand, product information and usage instructions on the envelope, which helps in marketing and selling the product.
Due to these advantages, the envelope with valve is used as an effective and efficient solution in the packaging and transportation of products and helps businesses to present their products to customers in an attractive and practical way.

Frequently asked questions before ordering plastic (nylon packagings)

Yes, the packaging produced by Roll Polymer Company has additional features such as valve, window, and zipper. These additional facilities allow customers to preserve their products better and benefit from facilities such as ease of use and access to the contents of the package. Also, these facilities can help to improve the appearance and attractiveness of the packaging and attract more customers’ attention.

Yes, the packaging produced by Roll Polymer Company can have protective features such as lamination or metallization. Lamination or metallization is added as a protective layer to the surface of the envelope to protect the contents of the package from external factors such as moisture, UV light, air and other contaminants. These protective features increase the useful life of products and maintain their quality, and assure customers that the contents of the packaging are kept in better conditions.

Before ordering packaging, it is important to know the information about the quality of printing, coloring and other desired features. In this regard, the following can help you:
  • Print quality: Checking the print quality, clarity of images, cleanliness of lines and details, and the ability to transfer colors correctly are important things. You can get samples of Roll Polymer’s previous works and check their printing quality.
  • Coloring: Ensure that the coloration you are looking for is produced correctly and conforms to color standards. Also, make sure that it is possible to adjust colors and match color samples.
  • Other facilities: If you need special facilities such as valves, windows, zippers, etc., ask the manufacturing company for detailed details about these facilities. Make sure these features are correctly added and working properly.
The amount of cost and time required for the production and delivery of packaging envelopes in the roll polymer factory may depend on various factors, including:
  • Size and number: The size and number of envelopes required for your order can greatly affect the cost and delivery time. Larger envelopes with more number may lead to more cost and time.
  • Design and printing: The cost of designing and printing depends on the number of colors, the complexity of the design and the type of printing (such as flexo printing, heliography, etc.). Also, the time required to perform these steps may also be different.
  • Primary materials and extras: Using high-quality raw materials and extras like valves, windows, or zippers can add to the cost. Also, the time required to add these features should also be considered.
  • Demand and previous orders: Demand for different orders may vary throughout the year and this can greatly affect delivery times. Also, in some seasons, more delivery time may be required.
In general, to know the cost and exact delivery time, it is better to contact Roll Polymer Company and state your order details carefully to get more detailed information.
The minimum order quantity for packaging envelopes in the polymer roll factory may depend on several factors, including the dimensions of the envelope, the type of raw material, the additional features required, and your other personal requests. Often in manufacturing plants, the minimum order quantity may be different for each customer or each type of envelope. The best way to get detailed information about the minimum order quantity is to contact the manufacturing plant directly or send a message to the sales associates with the details of your order to get more detailed information.

Manufacturing companies usually tend to use materials that cause the least harm to the environment in their production process. Most of the plastic packaging currently produced contains recycled or environmentally friendly materials. These materials are often produced from recycled resources or made from materials that are renewable, such as corn, sugar, or other plants.
At Roll Polymer Factory, we do our best to protect the environment, both during the selection of raw materials and during the production process and factory waste, which means that we, like many of our contemporaries who witnessed We are concerned about the destruction of the planet and we have always tried to solve environmental problems in our factory.