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Production and printing of plastic packaging

Production of all kinds of plastic packaging with food grade standards and industrial packaging envelopes for car accessories, accessories, home appliances, etc.Order plastic packaging

Manufacturer of Plastic nylon & nylex

Nearly two decades of activity in the production of nylon and nylon in the country and cooperation with businessmen for export is our pride, modern and numerous machines have increased our daily production capacity to more than 5 tons.Plastic Nylon roll polymer products
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Roll Polymer Company INC

Manufacturer of all kinds of plastic, polyethylene and packaging products

Roll Polymer Factory is one of the pioneers in the production of plastic products. This factory produces all kinds of plastic products, including tanks, pipes, and various industrial parts, using the latest technologies and high quality raw materials. Due to the focus on quality and innovation, the products of this factory are known as one of the trusted options in the market.

The polymer roll factory also provides services in the field of packaging and printing. This production unit produces and prints all kinds of high quality nylon and nylex using advanced equipment and quality materials.

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Daily production capacity of Roll Polymer factory
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Daily production capacity of Roll Polymer factory
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Daily production capacity of Roll Polymer factory

Equipped factory and experienced personnel of Roll Polymer

During the past 18 years of the activity of Roll Polymer Company, we have always tried to establish a balance between the daily production and output and the quality required by users, and today we claim that we have reached this level and we are walking along this path with you. All kinds of plastic packaging with food grade food standard and for industrial use, all kinds of nylon and nylons and stretch films, thick nylons, agricultural plastic and cellophane, garbage bags and freezers as customized or ready to sell in bulk, including are our products.

The most complete Plastic Nylon & Nylex production line in Iran

Zero to a hundred productions in the Roll Polymer collection, from free design for customers to printing and production

During 18 years of activity in the field of polyethylene products and by purchasing different machines during this time, Roll Polymer has reached a position where it has provided the largest number of machines for its production line, high production capacity and the possibility of parallel production of products. It is different from the unique characteristics of our collection.

All kinds of waste and freezer bags with different standards and different quality levels are available for wholesale sale at the company’s depot. We accept your printing and packaging orders for export and domestic market.

You can customize other products based on your design and needs, you can choose products that are sold in bulk in the warehouse from among the categories of wide nylons, agricultural and greenhouse nylons, and stretch and cellophane films. Guaranteed quality and competitive price is one of the features of this roll polymer product portfolio.

Frequently asked questions before placing an order
General questions in order registration for production and printing of products

The minimum production order for products with special printing is one ton equal to 1000 kg, but if you need to buy ready-made products such as freezer bags and garbage bags in bulk, you can place your order from 100 kg.

The minimum order amount can vary depending on the type of product.

If you need a design, you can get help from our graphic designer colleagues, but if you prepare the design yourself, don’t worry, necessary checks and possible coordination will be done with you before printing.

But in general, we accept your file in any standard graphic format such as CDR, AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, as well as ESKO outputs.

Of course, this case is different depending on the type of order, but considering that the machines of the polymer roll collection are diverse and we can produce several products in parallel, usually the order delivery time is much less than other competitors, and you too You can track your order through the automation of our company and receive an accurate schedule at each stage.

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