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Industrial wrapper

We produce industrial rolls for all industries, including tools, automotive, food, and more.
Production in metallized, polyethylene, polyester, cellophane and…
Printing all designs and images with very high resolution
You can customize the dimensions and thickness of the packaging

Packaging in rolls is widely used by many large companies today because these packages are attractive to consumers in terms of convenience and aesthetics, and, most importantly, they offer high durability. The high strength of this type of packaging has led many other industries to adopt this practical tool for their products as well, including the automotive industry, food production, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and more. Industrial wrapping is one of the most popular products for packaging industrial products, and we will provide you with complete information about this product.

Getting to know the industrial wrapper

Actually, any type of packaging that is produced in a stitched and flexible manner is called a “wrapper.” However, industrial wrappers differ to some extent in terms of resistance and raw materials from other types of wrappers. Various brands primarily use industrial wrappers for sensitive products such as food items that need to remain fresh. For this reason, the raw materials for industrial wrappers are also designed in a way that poses no risk to the contents of the packaging and human health.
Industrial wrappers are indeed used in industries beyond food and hygiene products, with the automotive industry being a prime example. They place components like bolts and nuts inside these wrappers and sew the ends or seal the packaging, then prepare them for shipping. In this type of packaging, the primary emphasis is indeed on the thickness and durability of the packaging material to ensure it effectively protects the product during transportation and prevents any contamination from infiltrating the interior.

Animal food packaging wrapper

Features of industrial wrapping

Industrial wrappers do indeed offer greater resistance and flexibility compared to other types of packaging. They typically use a higher number of layers in their production, and they come in various materials such as polyethylene, metallized, aluminum, and more to provide high strength. This ensures that the packaging is highly resistant to punctures and tears, providing excellent protection for the enclosed product.
Industrial wrappers are typically produced as one-sided transparent cellophane to allow the enclosed product to be clearly visible. This transparency is useful during handling and shipping for easy identification. Additionally, the stitching applied to the packaging provides consumers with the convenience of easily opening and resealing the package.
Industrial wrappers also have excellent printability, allowing you to apply your desired designs and images with high-quality printing.

Bolt and nut packaging wrapper

Application of industrial wrappers in different industries

Food product
Pharmaceutical and healthcare products
Automotive manufacturing
Tools and equipment manufacturing
Freezer bags
Cables and electronic components.
and etc.

Thickness and dimensions of industrial wrapper

Indeed, the dimensions and thickness of industrial wrappers can vary widely depending on the specific needs of each business and the products they are packaging. The number of layers and the overall thickness can be tailored to meet the requirements for protection, durability, and visibility of the enclosed items. In fact, these industrial wraps have no restrictions regarding size and the number of layers, and you can customize these aspects according to your needs.

Fertilizer packaging wrapper and...

Design and print on industrial wrapper

Printing on industrial rolls can be very useful for increasing your sales and showcasing your brand to the public. Additionally, different manufacturers prefer to advertise their name using printing on industrial rolls or simply include the product name and information.
Printing on industrial rolls is done using two different printing methods:


This method is highly popular among companies and can reproduce all your designs and images with very high clarity. Furthermore, this type of printing is used exclusively for products made of cellophane material.


It has a lower cost compared to flexographic printing but has the capability to print on all types of materials like nylon, nylex, polyethylene, and others with the highest quality. However, due to its printing distance, it may not be possible to print all images and designs.

The price of industrial wrappers

Roll packaging dimensions are determined based on fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials, and the only way to get an up-to-date price quote is to contact the experts at the Roll Polymer company.
You can also receive free consultation from us regarding the type of packaging, shape, thickness, size, desired printing, and more, and customize your packaging according to your needs at an affordable price.