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Colorless disposable tablecloth

Production of various types of transparent, colorless, and plain disposable tablecloths is available.

The possibility of production is available in all color spectra.

The capability for production is available in all dimensions and thicknesses.

Printing in 1 to 12 colors in FULL HD using flexo and helio printing is possible

Disposable tablecloths, given their common applications, usually do not have a high price label, and most buyers request them based on their lower cost. No consumer is willing to pay a high cost for the use of a disposable product for its various applications. In this article, we intend to explain colorless disposable tablecloths as the most cost-effective type of disposable tablecloths.

What is a colorless disposable table?

A colorless and transparent disposable tablecloth is produced using grade two and grade three granular raw materials. It is regarded as the most affordable type of disposable tablecloth on the market. Due to its low and reasonable price, disposable tablecloth has attracted the attention of many consumers. For information regarding the price of this product, you can get in touch with the sales consultants at Roll Polymer Company.

Transparent disposable table

What is the difference between second and third grade raw materials and first grade raw materials?

Due to the fact that disposable tablecloths are made from granular raw materials, there is no significant difference between grade one materials and others. The only significant factor to consider is that grade two and three raw materials may have an unpleasant odor. Therefore, fragrance additives are used in their composition to eliminate the undesirable odor. Of course, adding fragrance additives to these products will impact the final price, potentially increasing it.

What is a single-color disposable table?

This product is essentially a transparent disposable tablecloth, but by adding additives or masterbatch, the plastic background of the tablecloth can be colored, creating a colored transparent tablecloth. Colored disposable tablecloths do not typically have a significant price difference compared to transparent and colorless tablecloths.

Single-color disposable tablecloth

Production of colorless disposable tablecloths in different sizes and thicknesses

There are no limitations in terms of dimensions and thickness for producing this product, and orders are produced based on customer needs. Customers can place their orders for disposable tablecloths based on their needs and usage requirements. Of course, it is advisable for customers to contact Roll Polymer sales experts before placing their orders and receive the necessary guidance.

Transparent disposable table

The attractiveness of disposable tablecloths using printing

Transparent and colorless disposable tablecloths are not perceived as a high-quality product among buyers due to their low price tag. For this reason, to enhance the appeal of these tablecloths, they are printed with colorful designs, and they are commonly referred to as “disposable glass-like tablecloths.” The Roll Polymer collection has no limitations when it comes to printing disposable tablecloths, and using methods like flexo and helio printing, it can achieve full HD printing with one to twelve colors on all plastic products made from polyethylene, such as high-quality disposable tablecloths. Buyers can find elegant disposable tablecloths with the best quality printing and a wide range of colors in the Polymer Roll product section.