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Box-shaped freezer bag

Production of various freezer bags and related packaging.

Production of various types of nylon freezer bags in different dimensions and thicknesses.

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Freezer bags are used as one of the very convenient packaging options for storing food items such as red meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, and more. Storing food inside plastic freezer bags helps prevent them from spoiling and preserves their aroma and taste by creating a barrier against air and moisture. Freezer bags are products produced in various packaging and diverse types, and they are easy for everyone to use. One of the types of freezer bags, known as box freezer bags, has a large number of fans. In this article, we intend to explain the features and the production process of box freezer bags.

Getting to know the features of box freezer bags

A box freezer bag is a product consisting of a cardboard packaging that contains a roll of freezer bags inside. Using box freezer bags is more convenient compared to roll-type freezer bags. This product can be likened to a tissue box in terms of its design and convenience. With the difference being that instead of tissue paper, freezer bags are dispensed from inside the box. Each sheet of the freezer bag easily detaches from the sheets inside the box. When separating each freezer bag from the box, there is minimal contact with it, reducing the transfer of any contaminants from your hand to the freezer bag. Placing the roll of freezer bags inside the box prevents dust and contaminants from accumulating on the freezer bags, helping to keep them clean. From a hygiene perspective, this product is positioned at a very high level compared to other types of freezer bags.

Feature of box freezer bag

Box freezer bags are available in various dimensions to accommodate different storage needs.

In standard sizing, freezer bag sheets typically have a width of 25 centimeters and a length of 35 centimeters. Of course, it is possible for customers to request custom dimensions and sizes for freezer bags when placing an order. The various dimensions for freezer bags can include 18 x 25 centimeters, 20 x 30 centimeters, 22 x 32 centimeters, and 24 x 34 centimeters, among others, depending on the customer’s specific requirements. The number of freezer bag sheets in each box can vary and may come in quantities of 200 sheets, 250 sheets, or 500 sheets, depending on the packaging and customer preferences. Certainly, the quantity of freezer bag sheets in each box can be adjusted to meet the customer’s specific order requirements, and it can be more than the standard quantities mentioned earlier if requested. In general, the surface area and dimensions of freezer bag sheets are customizable, and customers can coordinate the necessary specifications with the manufacturing company to meet their specific needs. This flexibility allows customers to tailor the product to their requirements.

Production in the desired dimensions of a boxed freezer bag

What materials are used to make freezer bags?

Given that various freezer bags, including box freezer bags, are used for packaging and storing food items inside the freezer, it is essential to fully observe hygiene principles throughout all stages of manufacturing this product. For the production of all types of freezer bags at Roll Polymer Company, polyethylene materials are used, and no waste materials are incorporated into their compositions. The absence of toxic materials in the raw materials of freezer bags makes it easy to use this product for packaging food items safely. The use of polyethylene materials prevents the entry of hazardous and unsanitary substances into the inside of the freezer bags.

The material of the side freezer bag