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Cellophane film

Production of opp, bopp and cellophane films

Production in all sizes and thicknesses.

Ability to print 1 to 8 colors

Plastic cellophane film is based on polypropylene and comes in two types: stretch and shrink. Stretch cellophane is used for packaging products in various industries, while shrink cellophane or BOPP is used for securely packaging food items and materials that require strong packaging. In the production of cellophane film, a higher melting temperature is required compared to Nylon. Some of the applications of cellophane film include packaging of food items, legumes, flowers, nuts, and use as table covers in restaurants and homes, covering books and notes, autoclaving medical waste, and more. In continuation of this article, we intend to explain the types of shrink wrap film, the printing process, and the factors affecting the price of this product.

Cellophane film

What is bopp or cellophane film?

As mentioned in the introduction, this type of product is primarily used for packaging food items, and its color is metallic or silver. One of the examples that can be cited for transparent BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) shrink wrap is the packaging of chips and snacks. If you have noticed, the snack packages and chips are silver in color from the inside. The printability of BOPP cellophane film is very high.

What is cellophane stretch film?

Stretch wrap film or pallet wrap is used for packaging industrial products. Products packaged with stretch cellophane remain fresh and intact, and dust does not penetrate inside them. Transporting the products is also easily done. Packaging with stretch cellophane can be done both automatically and manually. In packaging done with machinery, human labor plays no role, and it is done at a faster pace. In the manual method, more time is spent on packaging.

Familiarity with the uses of this film.

  • Placing stationery items and art products inside sturdy and transparent cellophane bags.
  • Packaging cigarettes and tobacco products with thin, transparent cellophane wraps.
  • Packaging gifts and promotional packages with rolls of colored cellophane featuring custom prints.
  • Production of adhesive tapes based on PP raw materials
  • Storing CDs and DVDs inside cellophane packaging to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on them.

Printing cellophane film with 1 to 8 full hd colors

Printing cellophane film with 1 to 8 full hd colors

Translation: “Manufacturers of industrial products and food items use an attractive and suitable design for printing on various types of these products to increase sales efficiency and achieve high profitability. Through this action, they introduce their brand to a large number of customers. All matters related to printing on cellophane film, such as printing custom images, logos, text, etc., are provided with guaranteed quality and using 1 to 8 full HD colors.

How to calculate the price

The price of various cellophane films is calculated based on the cost of petrochemical raw materials. Due to the unjust sanctions against Iran and the unstable economic conditions in the country, the prices of petrochemical raw materials are constantly fluctuating, making it impossible to set a fixed price for this product. To inquire about the price of their order, customers should contact the Roll Polymer sales specialists.