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Pepper packaging

The production of various types of packaging for powdered, single, and multiple peppers is possible.
Production of pouches, sachets, and rolls for packaging is available as well.
Custom production in all dimensions and thicknesses is also an option.
The ability to print various designs on the packaging is available as well.

One of the most commonly used spices among the general public is pepper. It is a commonly used spice, typically consumed in the form of whole peppercorns or powder. The quality of packaging usually has an impact on the product’s overall quality, ensuring that it reaches the end consumer with the same initial quality. In the following, we will discuss the various types of pepper packaging, so stay with us.

Pepper transparent packaging

One of the best-selling pepper packaging options among people is transparent packaging, which is produced in the form of nylon or cellophane. Due to its high transparency, the products inside the packaging are clearly visible. One of the economical features of transparent pepper packaging is that, compared to printed samples, they are generally less expensive while still maintaining the same functionality.
Additionally, other popular types of packaging include laminated cardboard boxes and self-adhesive cellophane packaging.

Packaging envelope

Pouch packaging is mostly used for powdered peppers like red and black pepper, and in this regard, they are very efficient and popular.
One of the excellent features of this packaging is its ability to customize various shapes, which leads to the creation of a very attractive packaging according to your needs.

Types of pepper packaging envelopes

Types of packaging envelopes
• Standing envelope
• Envelope without cassette
• Sewn middle envelope
• The envelope is sewn on three sides
• and etc…

Packaging wrapper

Another widely used type of pepper packaging is roll packaging, which can be seen in all grocery stores. The biggest brands use this type of packaging for their products.
One of the notable features of this product is its reasonable price compared to the beauty it offers. They also have a high printability capability and clearly display various images.

Pepper packaging wrapper

Single pepper packaging

Single pepper packaging is commonly used in food service establishments such as restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and hotels.
Single pepper packaging is produced in the form of Kraft paper, nylon, cellophane, and more, and they have the capability for custom and personalized printing according to your requirements.

Special packaging for fruits and perishables.

These are packages designed for fresh fruits, including individual or small quantities of peppers.
These packages are typically made of nylon, ziplock plastic, and stretch wrap with food-grade PVC coatings to keep the fruits fresh and maintain the required oxygen levels in the packaging.

Design and print on pepper packaging

Printing and designing various types of pepper packaging can be done in two ways:

Flexo printing

Flexo printing is done in two types: silk and central cylinder. Central cylinder printing is capable of delivering any design and image with the highest quality because it has limited printing gap.
As a result, central cylinder printing equals the quality of silk printing, but due to its higher printing gap, it may not be suitable for printing every image or design and is mostly used for bulk products like cucumber packaging.
However, flexo printing is generally very fast and has the capability to print on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, and more. It is cost-effective and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Helio printing (heliogravure)

Heliotype printing is only performed on cellophane films. One of the highly notable features of this type of printing is its exceptionally high print quality and durability. This is because it has no printing gap, allowing for vivid and clear application of the desired colors.
This type of printing also has the capability to continuously print images with subtle highlights and shading.

Dimensions and thickness of products

Pepper packaging comes in various dimensions and sizes without specific limitations and can be produced in your desired thickness. However, for making a better choice, it is recommended to get in touch with Roll Polymer company to receive comprehensive guidance on this matter.

Awareness of the price of packaging

The price of each of the packaging items you order depends on the current prices of petrochemical raw materials, and these prices fluctuate daily.
Therefore, the only way to get the exact price for the packaging you desire is to contact the experts.