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Colored Shrink

Can be produced in a variety of colors
The possibility of customizing the desired dimensions and thickness by you
Production of nylon and cellophane shrink in the form of PVC, POF, PET and…
Printing all kinds of designs and desired images or high resolution

In general, “shrink wrap” is a type of plastic that makes packaging products very easy and is highly resistant. The correct pronunciation and spelling of the word “shrink wrap” originally come from “shrink.” However, most people know it as “shrink wrap.” In fact, the reason for this naming is the property of this nylon to contract in a specific way when exposed to a certain amount of heat, becoming dense and firm. Colored shrink wrap is one of the types of this product, which we will further examine.

Familiarity with color shrink and how to use it correctly

Colored shrink wrap” refers to any type of shrink wrap that is produced in a colored form and is not merely transparent or standard matte. This nylon is produced in various basic colors using different masterbatches and additives and is used for various purposes. In general, it can be said that this product is essentially the same as regular shrink wrap, with the difference being that it is produced in various colors and often customized with printing according to customer requests.
The use of colored shrink wrap involves placing it around the product at a suitable location. Then, the required heat is applied to it. The shrink wrap begins to contract and take shape, eventually conforming tightly to the surface of the product, providing a protective and often decorative covering.

Using colored shrink

The importance of using color mixing for all types of packaging

Color sharing can be very beneficial for a business and can significantly help its growth. Most customers, when placing a color sharing order, prefer to have their desired print applied to the product as well. This is because the combination of various colors on this nylon, along with special prints and designs, can create a very attractive blend and captivate the attention of customers.

All kinds of colored shrink

All kinds of colored shrink in different genders

Sharings need to be produced in various types due to the diverse uses they have. This is because most businesses require using their specific and suitable sharings to meet their needs.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) shrink

This type of sharing is similar to PVC but has been significantly improved, offering much higher absorbency and approximately 70% shrinkability. Additionally, due to its excellent printability, various high-quality prints can be applied to the sharing, thanks to its material characteristics.

PVC shrink

PVC shrink are produced in a thin and highly durable form and are generally dry in texture. Furthermore, prominent examples of this product include the plastic wrapping of cigarette packs.

PVC shrink

Polyolefin shrink

Pof shrink are essentially the same as PVC shrink but are much softer and more flexible. Unlike PVC, they do not have a dry texture.

Nylon shrink

This type of sharing is primarily used for multipackaging, such as packs of bottled beverages or mineral water. They are often produced with a high thickness to withstand the weight of the product and prevent tearing during handling.

In what qualities is the colored shrink produced?

Colored shrink are generally produced with premium-grade raw materials, but it is possible to use second or third-grade (recycled) materials upon customer request. In fact, second and third-grade materials do not significantly differ in terms of resistance compared to first-grade materials, and they have the same capability. However, they may slightly affect the clarity of colors, but this issue can be addressed by using darker or more pigmented color bases. Additionally, the use of recycled materials can reduce the final packaging cost.

Print and design on colored shrink

As mentioned, you can combine your desired colored shrink with various designs and prints to achieve better results and overall, offer an attractive packaging solution.
There are different printing methods for applying designs and images on colored shrink, which include:

Flexo printing

It is possible to print some of the images and designs with very high quality and at a lower price. Additionally, this method performs prints at a very high speed.

Heliogravure printing

It is the most recognized printing method and offers the highest possible quality, but it can only be used on plastic products and does not have the capability to print on polyethylene.

Colored shrink price

The price of shrink wrap bags is not fixed due to fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials. The only way to get the latest prices is to contact the sales experts of polymer roll products. You can also receive free consultation regarding packaging and printing tailored to your business when you contact us. Ultimately, you can receive stylish and high-quality packaging at the most competitive price.