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Industrial waste bag

The production is available in bulk or roll form

They produce various types of garbage bags in custom dimensions and thicknesses.

The capability to print in 1 to 12 colors in FULL HD using two printing methods: flexo and gravure.

The possibility to produce various models of roll packaging with your custom printing.

The production of various large industrial trash bags (with no limitations in thickness and dimensions).

The possibility of producing with raw materials from Grade A (new materials) to Grade C (granular or recycled materials).

Industrial garbage bags are a product produced in very large dimensions and are used for the disposal of waste materials in factories, production lines, and various industries. Due to the industrial applications of these garbage bags, they are manufactured with high thickness, multi-row plastic stitching, and with the strongest and highest-quality raw materials to withstand heavy loads and industrial waste without tearing or damage. To increase the durability and resistance of industrial garbage bags, they are made using Nilex. In this article, we will explain the dimensions and thickness of industrial garbage bags, the most important aspects of producing this product, the method of determining its thickness, cost reduction with grade two and three raw materials, and the color options for this type of garbage bags.

What are the dimensions and thickness of a large industrial waste bag?

The Roll Polymer production group has no limitations in terms of dimensions and thickness for the production of various types of industrial garbage bags. For this reason, it can produce various types of custom-sized industrial garbage bags according to the customer’s requirements. The most used dimensions of this product are: The garbage bag sizes are: 120×80, 120×100, 130×100, and 150×100. One of the significant challenges with thin industrial garbage bags is that they can tear and become damaged with the slightest impact or pressure. For this reason, in the production of very large industrial garbage bags at Polymer Roll, attention is given to producing this product with high thickness and the best stitching.

Industrial waste bag dimensions

The most important points of industrial waste bag production

As mentioned in previous sections, industrial garbage bags are used in various industries and factories for collecting waste and refuse. Industrial waste and refuse often have a significant weight, which is why the thickness of industrial garbage bags needs to be high and sturdy. Otherwise, due to the weight of the waste, they may tear even with the slightest pressure or impact. Roll Polymer company ensures the production of the best quality industrial garbage bags with guaranteed quality and offers the finest type of this product to its customers at very competitive prices.

Types of industrial waste bags

How to determine the thickness of the industrial waste bag?

The weight that industrial garbage bags need to withstand depends on the requirements of the customers. For this reason, to determine the thickness of industrial garbage bags that corresponds to the weight of industrial waste, it is essential to contact the sales experts at Polymer Roll company to receive the necessary guidance about the exact thickness of the desired industrial garbage bags.

Production of industrial waste bags with second and third grade raw materials

Given that industrial garbage bags are used for collecting waste and refuse from various industries and factories, grade two and three raw materials are typically used in their production. By using grade two and three raw materials in production, the final costs are significantly reduced. The question that many customers have is what is the difference in the strength and durability of garbage bags produced with grade two and three raw materials compared to grade one raw materials? In response to this question, we must say that these products do not have much difference in terms of performance, and the only distinctions are that they may be slightly darker in color and have an unpleasant odor. However, this issue can also be resolved by adding a vanilla additive to grade two and three raw materials. However, adding this additive does have an impact on increasing the price of this product. So, not everyone is willing to place such customized orders for collecting industrial waste.

Industrial waste bag coloring

There are no limitations in terms of color options in the production of this product. However, in most cases, customers order this product in black. Nevertheless, red, blue, and yellow color options also have a significant number of enthusiasts. One crucial point in the production of colored industrial garbage bags is that due to their high thickness, the contents and waste inside them are not visible even under sunlight. This demonstrates the high quality of industrial garbage bags produced by Roll Polymer.

Industrial waste bag

Perforated roll industrial garbage bag

For easy separation, they also produce industrial garbage bags in roll form with perforations. With this production method, both the consumption and transportation of these products become more convenient. It also ensures that, unlike bulk industrial garbage bags, it occupies less space. Depending on the customer’s request, it is possible to produce industrial roll garbage bags with custom dimensions.

What is industrial waste plastic printing like?

Due to the limited demand for printed industrial roll garbage bags, fewer people request them, and typically, if ordered, the printing will be in a single color. Nevertheless, Roll Polymer company offers the possibility to print custom-requested images on industrial roll garbage bags.