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Nylon sugar packaging

Producing various types of nylon for sugar and candy packaging.

Printing in 1 to 8 colors in full HD on nylon.

Quality production and printing are guaranteed.

Sugar and sugar are commonly used food items available in all grocery stores, and most Iranian households use them regularly. Packaging sugar and sugar is of utmost importance because moisture and air infiltration can deteriorate the quality, cause clumping, and caking of sugar and sugar. Nylon packaging for sugar and sugar is one of the products of Roll Polymer Company, which is produced in various dimensions and sizes, and can be customized with printing. As you know, the visual appearance of packaging has a significant impact on increasing sales and attracting customers. For this reason, well-known companies producing sugar and sugar place importance on the appearance of their products to enhance their profitability and success. In this article, we intend to discuss the various types of nylon packaging for sugar and sugar, as well as the printing of sugar and sugar cellophane.

Introducing the types of sugar packaging

Sugar and sugar are packaged in various types of nylon packaging, including bulk bags or single-serving sachets. The choice of packaging for sugar and sugar depends on the final consumption volume of these products. In traditional methods, sugar and sugar are packaged in nylon bulk bags, typically in kilogram quantities, and are sold in this packaging format. For packaging larger volumes and weights of sugar and sugar, it is necessary to use durable and robust nylon packaging materials. Continuing, we will introduce the types of nylon packaging for sugar and sugar.

  • in bulk

Bulk nylon packaging is typically used for heavy-weight sugar and sugar, and they usually have a higher thickness. These nylon bags often come with single-color printing and are available in sizes of five kilograms and ten kilograms. However, it is possible to customize the dimensions and printing colors of these nylon bags to suit specific requirements. The most important characteristics of bulk nylon packaging for sugar and sugar are their high thickness, durability, and tensile strength. These nylon bags are designed to withstand the weight of sugar or sugar without tearing or breaking.

Nylon bags for packing sugar

  • Nylon bag

Sugar and sugar packaged in pouch nylon bags are primarily used for sale in stores and supermarkets. Pouch nylon bags come in various forms, including simple, gusseted, stand-up, and zip-top styles. In the printing of these nylon packaging, multiple colors are often used, and they incorporate transparent windows to allow customers to view the contents inside. Windowed pouch nylon bags are quite popular due to their attractive appearance and have a significant impact on attracting customer attention.

  • Sashay

If we want to introduce the most hygienic and best nylon packaging for sugar and candy, we should consider using “sashay” nylon packaging. This type of packaging is mostly used in coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. The material used in sashay bags is transparent and metallized OPP. It is possible to print on this nylon in multiple colors.

The effect of cellophane printing on sugar and sugar in increasing sales

The effect of cellophane printing on sugar and sugar in increasing sales

Roll Polymer can be used to print various plastic products with different texts, images, and numbers in full HD with 1 to 8 colors using state-of-the-art machines. If your sugar and candy production factory isn’t well-known among the public yet, using high-quality and attractive packaging through printing can significantly boost your product sales. To facilitate the easy transportation of sugar and candy by customers, you can consider printing batch-specific examples on the packaging nylon.