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Advertising Bag

We produce various types of plastic advertising bags in all dimensions.

We print various images and logos with the highest quality, including high-definition helio printing with 8 colors FULL HD and flexographic printing with 6 colors FULL HD.

Due to our high-quality production and direct pricing, we offer all products to customers with quality assurance, eliminating intermediaries.

Individuals who are thinking about increasing the efficiency and productivity of their businesses can achieve their goals by purchasing advertising bags from the Roll Polymer manufacturing group. This company helps various business owners promote their brands among customers and at the city level with minimal costs by producing high-quality nylon and polyethylene bags with quality printing on them. Advertising bags are provided to customers in bulk and at the most affordable prices by eliminating intermediaries. In this article, we intend to explain the types of affordable advertising bags, their applications, how to increase productivity using advertising bags, the design and high-quality printing of these products, the cost of printing on bags, and the materials used in the production of advertising bags.

Introducing different types of cheap promotional bags

As mentioned before, all advertising bags from Roll Polymer are sold directly to customers at the lowest prices due to the absence of intermediaries. These bags are produced in various categories, including loop handle, reinforced handle, die-cut handle, and patch handle. Those who prioritize high-quality advertising bags often opt for ordering reinforced handle bags. These products do not have any significant visual differences compared to loop handle bags. The only difference is that their handles are made of strong and durable polyethylene material, and their price is higher compared to loop handle plastic bags. These products are capable of bearing a heavy weight and have a very high level of durability and longevity. The advertising performance increases when using advertising tote bags.

What should be done to increase the effectiveness of the advertising bag?

The most important and primary reason that leads the customer to order printed plastic bags is advertising. When the customer receives their purchased products inside advertising bags, they are promoting the brand and logo printed on the advertising bag while commuting around the city until they reach home. In fact, they are contributing to brand advertising for free with the logo printed on the advertising bag. This event has a significant impact on increasing the efficiency of a company and its brand. Most people, due to the high quality and attractive, unique design of these bags, use them repeatedly. If you intend to significantly increase the efficiency of your advertising, when ordering the production of advertising bags, ask the chosen factory to use top-quality raw materials and ensure high-quality design and printing.

How to print

At Rol Polymer company, we use the most advanced and cutting-edge machinery in the world, along with a highly experienced workforce, for printing on advertising bags. For ordering the printing of these products, you can choose from various printing methods, including high-definition flexo printing with 1 to 6 full-color options or high-definition helio printing with 1 to 8 full-color options. If you are considering cost reduction, silk-screen printing or manual printing is a suitable option. Silk-screen printing is not recommended for printing designs with a high level of detail. The design and logo printing should be so beautiful and attractive that it captivates the customer. For those who do not provide their own designs, Rol Polymer uses its own ready-made designs. Printing the brand logo on advertising tote bags can help increase its recognition within the community.

Calculation of printing price

The cost of printing on advertising tote bags is determined based on the design, the number of colors used, the type of printing method among flexographic, helio, and silk-screen printing, and the expenses related to the printing plates. It’s worth noting that there is no cost for printing plates when using silk-screen printing. To inquire about the printing cost, customers should send their design image to the experts at Roll Polymer and provide information about the number of colors they intend to use. Experts will assess the necessary factors and provide the price to the customer accordingly. Some customers may choose to reduce costs and lower the price of plastic bags by ordering them with lower-grade raw materials, such as second or third-grade materials, which are recycled.

What is the material of promotional bags?

Advertising bags are made of nylon and nylex materials. Nylon bags are softer, glossier, more transparent, and more flexible, while Nylex bags are drier and have a matte finish. Nylon may not be available in very thin thicknesses, but Nylex can be produced in various thicknesses. To distinguish between these two materials, one can pay attention to the sound they produce when crinkled. Nylex tends to produce a louder sound compared to nylon when crinkled.