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Freezer bag

Production of various freezer bags in all dimensions and thicknesses

Production of various types of zippered, box, and roll freezer bags, etc.

Guaranteed quality and low prices

One of the most commonly used and popular polyethylene or plastic products is the freezer bag, which cannot easily be eliminated from families’ shopping baskets. This product, with its highly durable and robust material and the very high-quality raw materials it possesses, effectively protects food products, thereby preventing their spoilage and decay. In the following, we introduce and review various types of this widely used product and fully explain the characteristics of this popular packaging material, so stay with us until the end.

What is a freezer bag?

It is a type of plastic made from a very popular polyethylene, produced from the best and highest quality raw materials. Therefore, it can be said that direct contact of this type of bag with various food items is completely safe and poses no harm to human health. This kind of bag also prevents the spoilage and decay of the products inside it. It’s worth noting that this product is very tough and resistant to stretching and impact.


Freezer bag.


Types of freezer bags

Roll Polymer is a producer of various freezer bags and has no limitations in its production. Therefore, based on your needs and preferences, you can purchase any type of freezer bag.

The most important types of this product include :

  • sheet freezer bags
  • box freezer bags
  • roll freezer bags
  • zip-lock freezer bags
  • adhesive freezer bags
  • and etc.

Sheet freezer bags

are one of the most common and straightforward types of freezer bags. They are produced and supplied in plastic rolls with various dimensions and sizes. As you may know, the top part of these products is open and does not have a lid, which can sometimes lead to the contents spilling out or becoming exposed to air, causing spoilage. Currently, this type of bag is produced and supplied in bulk and by weight.

box freezer bags

Another type of freezer bag is the box freezer bag, designed similarly to the packaging of tissue paper. These bags are stacked on top of each other and can be easily pulled out from the slot on the top of the box in a leaflet-like manner, without the need for using both hands.


Box-shaped freezer bag


roll freezer bags

One of the most popular types of freezer bags is the roll-up freezer bag, where the sheets are rolled around a cardboard spool and can be easily separated from the perforated end. It is worth noting that this product is currently produced in both plastic and box forms, where in the box type, the bags are placed inside a cardboard box, keeping them safe from various contaminants.


roll freezer bags


zip-lock freezer bags

Commonly known as the zip cap, it is one of the best-selling types of freezer bags. It features a zip in its upper part, preventing the entry of air into various food items and, consequently, preventing spoilage and damage. It is worth noting that zip-up freezer bags are one of the more expensive types of this product available in the market.

adhesive freezer bags

An type of bag with a transparent plastic cover that is connected from one side to the other in the upper part. This type of bag has perforations, making it easy to connect or disconnect from each other. Interestingly, these products are also known today as calendar freezer bags, because these bags can be easily separated from each other like calendar wall pages.

Important considerations when buying freezer bags:

When buying and choosing this product, considering a few points can help purchase a high-quality and reliable item, thus preventing food poisoning and illness. The most important of these points include:

  1. Avoid buying colored bags as much as possible because the color used in them may penetrate the food tissue and cause food spoilage and, consequently, poisoning.
  2. The way to use this packaging is different for each food item. For example, fruits and vegetables can be stored with these bags for up to a year, but the storage time for meat is shorter and less.
  3. Purchase durable and sturdy freezer bags so that they do not tear and have no impact on the product.
  4. Currently, these freezer bags are produced in various sizes and dimensions, so consider your needs when buying.
  5. and etc.

Buying freezer bags

Roll Polymer currently produces freezer bags in two forms: kilo and bulk, allowing individuals to purchase the most suitable ones based on their needs.