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Blow-molded plastic roll

Production of bubble nylon in roll or bulk form

Production in all dimensions and thicknesses, in single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer configurations, is available.

Production in all color options is available

The possibility to customize the dimensions of the bubbles for increased or decreased impact resistance is available.

One of the most widely used and suitable plastics in the world for packaging products in various industries is bubble wrap plastic. Reputable companies that manufacture plastic products like Roll Polymer produce bubble wrap plastic in the form of blow-molded plastic rolls to facilitate its use in packaging. In this article, we intend to explain the pricing of bubble wrap plastic rolls, customizing the dimensions of bubble plastic packaging, types of metallized bubble wrap rolls, and the advantages of using this type of plastic.

Getting to know plastic roll shock absorbers

Factors affecting the price of plastic bumper roll

Roll Polymer manufacturing group offers its products directly to customers without intermediaries, which is why they can provide much lower prices compared to other manufacturers. Therefore, the affordability of this company’s products is not indicative of low quality. Indeed, all plastics, including bubble wrap plastic rolls, are produced using high-quality, grade-A raw materials, and they are sold with quality assurance. Pricing for bubble wrap plastic rolls is determined based on the current market prices of petrochemical or polyethylene raw materials. It is not possible to provide a fixed price for it as it can vary depending on the fluctuations in the cost of these materials. As you are aware, the prices of polyethylene raw materials in the market are constantly fluctuating. The pricing of roll plastics is typically calculated based on the measurement of square footage or meterage. Buyers who want precise information about the current prices of bubble wrap plastic rolls can get in touch with the consultants on the website.

Advantages of plastic roll bumper

Benefits of use

  • This plastic is considered the best sound and thermal insulator.
  • It facilitates easy transportation of packaged products.
  • This plastic prevents products from becoming dirty or damaged.
  • Bubble wrap rolls prevent damage to products during handling and transportation.

Customizing the size of the bubbles in the impact roll plastic

Customizing the size of the bubbles in the impact roll plastic

Roll Polymer has no limitations in producing bubble wrap plastic rolls and prepares customer orders precisely according to their requests. Before placing an order for bubble wrap plastic rolls, consider the weight and fragility of the specific product you intend to use it for. If your products have low weight and fragility, small bubble wraps are suitable options. However, if you intend to package fragile and sensitive items like china and crystal, order bubble wraps with larger dimensions to ensure that the bubble wrap effectively protects the products from damage during transportation. Another type of order for this product is the production of multi-layer bubble wrap plastic rolls, which can include two or more layers for enhanced protection and insulation. The more layers of bubble wrap plastic rolls, the higher the resistance and protection it provides.

Rolly metallized plastic bumper

This type of bubble wrap plastic is produced from metallized raw materials such as BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) and OPP (Oriented Polypropylene). These materials help enhance the strength and impact resistance of bubble wrap plastics, increasing these capabilities several-fold. The primary use of metallized bubble wrap is in packaging valuable and expensive fragile items. Therefore, it tends to have a higher price compared to other types of bubble wrap. For this reason, it’s recommended not to use metallized bubble wrap for packaging ordinary products and instead reserve it for valuable and delicate items.