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Degradable garbage bag

We manufacture various types of plastic trash bags in all dimensions.

We produce them in a wide range of colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

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Plastics have become one of the most significant concerns in all countries and regions around the world, transforming into a very large problem. All societies are contributing to the creation of this major problem and challenge. In recent decades, the disposal of various types of plastics, especially plastic trash bags, into nature has caused significant damage to the environment and has led to the pollution of the Earth. One of the new products that has been effective in reducing environmental pollution caused by plastics is the biodegradable trash bag. In this text, we intend to discuss the features and benefits of using biodegradable trash bags.

What is a renewable garbage bag?

How much is the annual consumption of plastic bags in Iran?

According to a report presented by the Director-General of the Office of Public Participation and Social Responsibility at the Environmental Protection Organization, approximately half a million tons of various types of plastic bags are used in Iran every year. This level of consumption has significant detrimental effects on the environment. For this reason, the government intends to draft a bill to reduce the consumption of plastic materials and submit it to the government commission. On World Plastic-Free Day, it was pointed out that in the past hundred years, plastic bags have become one of the most consumed products due to their easy accessibility, and no one imagined that these products would become one of the biggest challenges to the Earth and the environment.

Currently, Iran is counted among the top ten plastic-consuming countries in the world. On average, each Iranian individual uses approximately three plastic bags per day, with around 96 percent of these bags being disposed of directly into trash bins. If plastic consumption is not controlled in the country, we should prepare ourselves for a major environmental disaster. The absence of laws to prohibit or reduce the consumption of plastic bags in Iran has made it difficult to take legal measures to reduce their usage.

The difference between renewable garbage bags

What is a biodegradable garbage bag?

trash Bags that do not cause any irreparable harm to the environment and can break down and decompose within a predetermined short timeframe, returning to the environmental cycle, are referred to as biodegradable trash bags.

Fast recycling trash bag

The difference between the raw materials of renewable garbage bags and other plastics

In the production of biodegradable trash bags, materials like “exo-oxidant” are added to the primary polyethylene compounds to facilitate their decomposition. These materials are produced using plant-based ingredients, which is why they break down when they enter the natural environment. These products are beneficial to the environment because they release hydrogen and oxygen during their decomposition.

Green garbage bag

The difference between the lifespan of biodegradable garbage bag and normal plastic

As you may know, regular plastic bags have a lifespan of approximately 200 years, and during this time, they do not decompose in any way. Given that biodegradable trash bags are produced using specific formulations and additives such as catalytic granules like TDPA, their controlled lifespan is approximately six months to five years. After this period, they naturally decompose in the environment and turn into hydrogen and oxygen. The materials resulting from the decomposition of biodegradable trash bags are environmentally beneficial.

Green renewable garbage bag

Bulk purchase of degradable garbage bags

The polymer roll manufacturing company is capable of offering biodegradable trash bags to its customers at a very competitive bulk price. To inquire about the price of this valuable and environmentally-friendly product, you can get in touch with the sales experts at Roll Polymer Company.