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Colored Trash Bag

Manufacturer of various plastic products using polyethylene as the primary material.

Production of various trash bags in yellow, blue, red, black, transparent, and other color options.

Guaranteed quality of printing and production.

Roll Polymer Company, with years of experience in the field of plastic product manufacturing, is capable of producing colored trash bags in various dimensions and thicknesses and supplying them to customers. There are no limitations for producing this product in various dimensions and thicknesses. This product is precisely manufactured according to the customer’s requirements at the lowest cost. In the following, we will introduce color options, roll-colored trash bags, and how the pricing of this product is determined

dimensions of Color garbage bag

Different colors of colored garbage bags

Roll Polymer Company is capable of producing trash bags in bulk in various color options, including blue, red, yellow, black, and more. There are no limitations in terms of dimensions and thickness in the production of this product. Customers can specify their desired dimensions based on their needs and place orders accordingly. They can contact Roll Polymer sales experts for necessary guidance, or they can visit the company’s central office in person for assistance.

Colored Trash Bag

Advantages of producing transparent colored waste plastic

If plastic colored trash bags are intended for household use, customers can place orders for various transparent types of this product. Indeed, colored and transparent trash bags are used in many industries. The production of this product in various dimensions and thicknesses is possible. It’s important to note that with an increase in the dimensions of the trash bag, its thickness should also increase to enhance its tensile strength and weight-bearing capacity.

Production of colored waste plastic in rolls

Customers always have the concern of determining how many of these products to order and where to store them. Storing polyethylene products can be challenging as they tend to deteriorate quickly. To address this issue, Roll Polymer produces this product in roll form with perforations, making it very easy for consumers to separate and use.

Rolly colored garbage bag

How to determine the price of colored garbage bags

We all know that trash bags serve no purpose in storing or packaging food items. Therefore, these products are manufactured using recycled and lower-grade materials, and customers can purchase trash bags in the quantity, dimensions, and thickness that suit their budget. The higher the grade of the raw materials used, the lower the quality and transparency of the resulting product. That’s why they are sold at a lower price. For more information on the prices of colored nylon trash bags, please contact the phone numbers available on the website.

Colorful granules for making colored trash bags