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Nylon laundry

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Production of all types of laundry nylon and clothes covers
The ability to personalize laundry nylon
Possibility of high quality printing
Production of laundry nylon in various sizes and thicknesses

When we deliver clothing or trousers to a laundry service, we expect them to be returned to us clean and neatly pressed. This is a fundamental expectation in laundries all over the world. That’s why they have adopted a very suitable solution, which is the use of nylon laundry bags. This nylon can fulfill many of the needs of laundries and even customers, and its absence can pose significant challenges.
In the following article, we intend to acquaint you with the reasons for using laundry nylon bags and their applications….

Familiarity with laundry nylon bags and how to package them.

Laundry nylon bags are highly transparent, making it easy to distinguish between garments in the laundry. Additionally, customers can clearly see their desired clothing when they receive it, ensuring its cleanliness.
In the usual practice, garments are placed inside these nylon bags and then hung using a hanger. Another excellent feature of this product is the quick and convenient packaging of clothes.

Transparent laundry cellophane

The main reasons for using nylon laundry

Laundry nylon bags have the capability to protect garments from dust, lint, and other elements, ensuring that they remain clean and organized over time while being stored in laundries. However, the primary reason for using these nylon bags in laundries is their ability to package and store a large volume of various types of clothing without causing any issues for other garments. On the other hand, the price of these nylon bags is very affordable considering the raw materials they are made from, allowing laundries to order them in large quantities.

The benefits of cellophane covers for laundry

Practical benefits of laundry nylon

Other benefits of nylon dry cleaning can be mentioned:

Protecting clothes during transportation and shipping to various destinations
Preventing the entry of various external contaminants, including dust, dirt, and liquids
Used in laundries, for personal use, and even in stores
The ability to store a large volume of various types of clothing in laundries
Ease of use
Good elasticity
Appropriate resistance
Transparent appearance

Types of laundry covers

In fact, various types of these nylon bags are produced through your customizations, allowing you to specify the desired thickness, dimensions, and printing according to your needs. Additionally, for added convenience, a hole is placed in the location of the hanger hook.

Dimensions of laundry cellophane

Suitable dimensions and size of laundry nylon

Most laundries typically take orders based on the dimensions of their customers’ clothing and procure the nylon accordingly, customizing it to meet the specific needs of their operational area. This way, they can obtain the specific type of nylon that suits their requirements.

The thickness of nylon laundry production

It is recommended that laundries procure this nylon in the thinnest thickness possible because as the thickness of the nylon decreases, its price decreases while its functionality remains unaffected. Therefore, it can create significant cost savings and be profitable over time.
Furthermore, if needed, you can obtain this nylon in any thickness and dimensions you require.

Printing and designing on laundry nylon bags.

Printing on laundry nylon bags is a very cost-effective form of advertising that can have a significant impact on attracting customers. For this reason, you can choose and apply your desired printing on this nylon.
Furthermore, printing on laundry nylon bags is typically done in single-color, and it can be accomplished using the following two methods:
Flexo stack
Central cylinder flexo

The final price of nylon laundry

In general, the prices of polyethylene products fluctuate continuously due to their dependence on the raw material prices in the petrochemical industry. As a result, it is not possible to list prices on the website. Moreover, the overall price of this nylon is influenced by the customizations you make in terms of appearance, printing, dimensions, and thickness. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the experts at the Rol Polymer company to receive the most accurate guidance and make the best choices.