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Three-layer polyethylene film

Production of various polyethylene products

Manufacturer of polyethylene film (roll) from one layer to several layers

Unlimited production, the possibility of customizing production

Direct production from the factory with the elimination of intermediaries.

All types of plastic packaging, such as cellophane, stretch wrap, nylon, and so on, are based on polyethylene. Three-layer polyethylene films, as their name suggests, consist of three layers, which is why they exhibit high resistance.

Types of polyethylene film

The difference between three-layer and single-layer polyethylene film

The three-layer polyethylene film is produced by pressing three layers of nylon on top of each other and has a relatively low thickness. Clearly, three-layer varieties exhibit greater resistance compared to single-layer types and demonstrate higher durability against applied pressures.

Three-layer polyethylene film

Application of three-layer polyethylene film

In various types of packaging, the use of this film is possible, and there won’t be any limitations for using it. Due to their higher durability compared to single-layer types, using them in various places such as greenhouses will also be more economically viable. You can also use them for packaging heavy items.

Types of polyethylene film

Printing on polyethylene nylon

Printing on the packaging of products is considered a suitable option for brand promotion. Polyethylene nylons are also printable, and you can choose your desired name or design to print on them, thereby promoting your brand.

Products that can be produced with polyethylene raw materials

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, various types of plastic products can be produced using polyethylene as the primary raw material. Among them, thick nylon is commonly used in greenhouses and various agricultural products. Shrink wrap film, is another specialized packaging material that is produced based on polyethylene. Nylon, Nylex, various types of stretch films, and cellophane are also among the other products that are entirely produced based on polyethylene.

Packing products with polyethylene film

The price of three-layer polyethylene films

These three-layer films are priced based on their weight in kilograms. You can obtain these films from Roll Polymer in custom quantities based on your needs.