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roll freezer bags

Production of various regular and roll freezer bags in all dimensions and thicknesses.

Quality Production Guaranteed

Production of Various Freezer Nylon Types

Different types of freezer bags in various dimensions and thicknesses are produced by Roll Polymer Company One of the subcategories of freezer bags, which is affordable due to the absence of intermediaries and pricing determined by the factory, is roll freezer bags. Different types of roll cellophane products produced by Roll Polymer Company include roll handle bags and roll garbage bags. In this article, we will introduce the various types of these products and their features.

Roll freezer bag packaging

The possibility of producing roll freezer bags according to the customer’s requested dimensions.

Roll Polymer Company has not imposed any restrictions on the meterage of roll freezer bags for its customers. Customers can order roll freezer bags in their desired meterage, or they can purchase this product in standard meterages.

What is the importance of producing perforated roll freezer bags?

One of the important points in the production of roll freezer bags is that they are perforated for easy use and separation. These bags can be easily separated from the roll when using this product.

What factors does the price of Nylex Freezer depend on?

Roll Polymer Company, as one of the leading manufacturers of various polyethylene products, offers its products to customers at a very competitive and affordable price. This company prices all plastic products, including freezer bags, solely based on the cost of raw polyethylene materials, eliminating all intermediaries. The quality of Rol Polymer products is exceptionally high relative to their affordable prices, and the company offers all of its productions to customers with a quality guarantee.

Bulk Packaging of Rollie Freezer Bags

What is the packaging of the roll freezer bag?

Roll Polymer produces various types of freezer bags in bulk. For this reason, you cannot purchase this product individually from this manufacturer Distributors and sellers of nylon products can purchase various freezer bags with special and attractive packaging from this company. The ability for custom printing on the stylish packaging of this company will have a significant impact on attracting more customers and increasing the profits of sellers and distributors of this product.

Rollie Single Freezer Bag

What is the resistance of nylon freezer?

Freezer bags have various applications, and depending on the type of usage, this product is manufactured in both low and high thicknesses in two types of nylon and Nylex. Nylex bags have very high durability because they are used for carrying and transporting heavy items such as fruits and vegetables. However, for packaging food items such as meat in the freezer, thinner nylon bags are more suitable, as there is no need for them to bear the weight of heavy items during transportation.

Production of Rollie Freezer Bags with Polyolefin Materials and Adherence to Hygienic Standards

We all know that the primary use of this product is in households for packaging and freezing food items. For this reason, this type of nylon comes into direct contact with food items. To enhance the food safety and minimize contact between freezer bags and food items, polyolefin materials are used in the primary production of this product. By utilizing polyolefin materials under strictly hygienic conditions, freezer bags are produced without any toxic or harmful substances, and they come with a quality guarantee.