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Affordable promotional nylon

Production of advertising bags in all dimensions and sizes at the most competitive prices

Printing 1 to 8 colors full HD

Guaranteed production and printing quality

The Roll Polymer Company, with direct production in the factory and the elimination of intermediaries, offers competitive prices and delivers its products to its customers with the best quality. One of the best-selling products that doesn’t incur high costs is inexpensive advertising nylon. In this article, we intend to discuss the classification of raw materials for inexpensive advertising nylon, factors affecting the price of nylon printing, ready-made and customized printing for this type of nylon, the impact of print quality on advertising effectiveness, and the various types of advertising nylon.

Affordable promotional nylon

Classifying Inexpensive Advertising Nylon to Reduce Costs.

The Roll Polymer Company uses prime or new raw materials for the production of its products. nly if the customer themselves wishes to reduce their costs, recycled materials, waste, and plastic derivatives are used for the production of advertising nylon. The classification of advertising nylons includes new petrochemical grade or grade one raw materials, waste or grade two raw materials collected from the factory’s own waste, which have high quality. Grade two materials do not have significant differences compared to grade one materials. Grade three raw materials are by no means recommended for the production of inexpensive advertising nylons These materials are sourced from outside the factory, and no one is aware of their quality. Roll Polymer guarantees in its contracts with customers that in case of product quality issues, it will refund the customer without conditions or reservations. However, there is no guarantee from this company for nylons ordered with grade three materials.

Factors affecting the price of printing on nylon and nylex

Ready-made templates are used for printing pre-designed patterns, and there is no need to incur expenses for making a new template. However, for custom printing on nylon or Nylex, a logo or custom design must be prepared, incurring significantly higher costs. Flexo and helio printing methods are used to create custom templates. To reduce printing costs, instead of using flexo and helio printing, silk screen printing or manual printing can be used, eliminating the need for making templates and incurring high expenses.

Exclusive printing on cheap advertising nylon

How to custom print on cheap advertising nylon

To order inexpensive advertising nylon from the plastic product manufacturer,Roll Polymer Company. You can choose your desired sample from ready-made templates and printed designs like Adidas, Smiley, Puma, etc., for purchase, or you can provide your own logo and design to the company for printing on inexpensive advertising nylon, and receive it with the best printing quality. To receive and purchase ready-made samples, you should contact the central office of Roll Polymer. If you don’t have any logos or designs available for printing orders, you can contact the consultants of this company for design advice to purchase an attractive and cost-effective product. Printing on advertising nylon is done in two modes, one to six colors full HD or one to eight colors full HD, with the price varying depending on the number of colors used in the printing.

What effect does nylon print quality have on advertising efficiency?

The production of inexpensive handled advertising nylons or Nylexes and their provision to customers is not only for the transportation and relocation of products from the store to the user’s home but can also be used repeatedly for several purposes. High-quality and suitable printing for a business brand has a significant impact on increasing the effectiveness of its advertising and helps introduce the brand to people. arious types of inexpensive advertising nylons include: reinforced handle nylon or loop handle nylon, bottom gusset handle nylon, and categorized handle nylon.

Pricing method

The pricing of advertising nylons is determined based on the prices of raw polyethylene or petrochemical materials, and to determine the price of your desired sample, you should contact the management of Roll Polymer Company.For the production of advertising nylons using grade two and grade three raw materials, lower prices are also offered. Many profit-driven manufacturers use waste materials, referred to as grade one or new raw materials, to produce advertising nylons and offer them to customers at higher prices. In Polymer Roll Company, all products are guaranteed to be of the best quality and made available to customers. Since the company’s products are sold in bulk and without intermediaries, they have lower prices compared to other manufacturers. Customers also have the option to order colored advertising nylons with custom images and text.