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Carpet Nylon

It is possible to manufacture using grade 2 and 3 materials to reduce the final cost
Can be produced as single to multi-layered, as well as tubular
Delivery is available in rolls or cut
Possibility of printing with high resolution and vibrant colors

Carpets and rugs are among the most important products produced in the country, and protecting these products from the place of production to their destination is considered a very important matter. This is achieved with high-quality nylon carpet packaging. Nylon carpet is essentially a type of transparent plastic packaging in which the carpet is rolled up and placed inside. This ensures that the desired carpet remains completely protected and retains its original shape for a long period.

Familiarity with nylon carpet and its types

Nylon carpets are actually available in two types in the market:

Nylon carpet root

Nylon carpet root

Nylon Berber carpet is used in situations where it is necessary for the white roots of the carpet to remain clean and consistent. By placing this nylon around the roots, it becomes possible to protect them from any external contamination and also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the desired carpet. The carpet roots are very delicate and fine, and if not properly cared for, over time, exposure to sunlight and various contaminants can make them dull and deteriorate, robbing the carpet of its beauty. Therefore, the only recommended solution to address this issue is to use nylon root carpets.
Nylon carpet, on the other hand, provides the possibility for the desired product to remain completely clean, not scratch or get dirty during transportation. Additionally, due to the transparency of this nylon, the carpet is easily recognizable, helping to prevent any mix-ups when sending it to different destinations, and even during their separation from each other.

Nylon carpet and its types of packaging

There are various types of packaging for nylon carpets that are done according to different needs and are used in different places, such as carpet cleaning services, carpet exports, and so on.

Automatic carpet packing machine

Zippered and sealed nylon carpets

Carpet plastics have the capability to be produced with zippers, seals, or any other custom features, and you can apply these elements to your nylon carpet according to your needs and preferences. These types of packaging are also widely used for export purposes.

Single layer and double layer packaging

The simplest type of carpet packaging is available in single or double layers, and it is also the most cost-effective among the various packaging options.

The packaging in a rolled and tubular form

The desired nylon carpet in tubular packaging is delivered to the consumer in a rolled-up form. One of the features of this type of packaging is that it is perforated, allowing the consumer to cut and use as much nylon as they need.

Carpet roll packaging

Special packaging for carpet export

In fact, to provide the necessary beauty and high strength to export nylon carpets, multiple layers of polyester and polyethylene are laminated together. Furthermore, these laminated samples are customizable, and you can choose your preferred designs to be applied to the nylon.

Raw materials used to produce nylon carpets

Most nylon carpets are produced from raw materials of polyethylene. This material is widely used for the production of various plastics worldwide, and one of the significant reasons for its widespread use is the cost-effectiveness of the material compared to the exceptional strength it imparts to nylon.

Printing and design on nylon carpet

Most nylon carpet buyers prefer to apply their desired print on the nylon because they believe it has a significant impact on increasing sales performance. One of the reasons for this increase is the direct correlation between an attractive, quality print and the packaging design of the desired product.
Pirint onNylon carpet is done with two methods:


Hilo printing is very popular and well-known due to its ability to print any design and image with the highest quality and excellent color clarity. Consequently, it commands a relatively higher price.


Flexo printing can be done on most plastics and can reproduce your designs and images with high quality. It typically comes at a lower cost compared to Hilo printing. However, it’s not possible to print every design, which is why you can use this method according to your needs and desired printing. It is recommended that you consult our experts in this regard to ensure the best outcome.

Dimensions and required thickness of nylon carpet

In the production of this nylon with different dimensions and thicknesses, there are no limitations, and you can order nylon with the size and thickness of your choice by measuring and specifying your needs.

Printing on carpet nylon

How to inquire the price of nylon carpet

The prices of this nylon and all plastic materials can indeed fluctuate based on the fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials, and they are not typically listed on websites. Therefore, you can stay informed about the current prices by contacting the experts at Roll Polymer, and in addition, you can receive free consultations regarding your required dimensions, thickness, choice of printing, and more from our experts to make the best selection at the best price.