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Furniture stretch

Production of all kinds of stretch in desired dimensions and thicknesses

100% guaranteed adhesive and elasticity

Direct production and delivery to the factory door

Furniture stretch wrap, also known as industrial shrink wrap or pallet stretch wrap, is one of the most versatile plastic products. It is commonly used in thin thickness and large dimensions for packaging various types of furniture. The transportation and relocation of wooden products, including furniture, require a very high level of precision. This is because if these items are not properly and securely packaged, there is a higher risk of them breaking, scratching the wooden surfaces and crowns, and the possibility of tearing the fabric on them during transportation and relocation. Therefore, after manufacturing furniture in production workshops and when sending them to furniture stores or exhibitions, or during the process of moving, it is essential to package them using stretch pallet wrap film. In this way, furniture can be transported to the sales location or new home without any damage, completely intact. In this article, we intend to provide you with more information about the features and advantages of furniture stretch wrap and the differences between it and furniture covers.

What is stretch furniture and what are its features?

As mentioned in the introduction, furniture stretch wrap or nylon stretch is one of the highly practical products made of polyethylene used for the transportation and relocation of furniture. This product has excellent stretchability and adhesive properties, preventing damage to furniture from the time of production until it reaches the hands of customers. Not using furniture stretch wrap during furniture relocation can lead to issues such as staining the upholstery of the furniture, breaking or scratching the wooden legs of the furniture, among other problems. Therefore, when packaging furniture as one of the luxury and delicate household and office items, it is essential to use a durable and suitable stretch wrap to ensure that no harm comes to the products during transportation and delivery to the customer. Most furniture manufacturers purchase stretch wrap and use this type of nylon for packaging furniture to ensure that these products reach customers correctly and safely.

Advantages of Furniture stretch

What is the use of stretch furniture when moving furniture?

The use of stretch furniture wrap is not limited to furniture manufacturing workshops. Many individuals also use it when moving to protect their furniture from damage. They wrap their furniture with stretch furniture wrap during relocation to prevent any potential damage. Contact with the upholstery, legs, and wooden frames of furniture with sharp or abrasive objects can cause significant damage to the furniture. Neglecting the safety of these items during relocation can lead people to incur significant expenses in purchasing new furniture and replacing damaged ones. Because damaging these items and compromising their visual appearance also affects the interior decoration of homes. Packaging furniture using furniture stretch wrap as a common method has a wide range of applications and provides significant protection for these items during relocation and moving.

Getting to know the benefits of using stretch furniture in sofa production workshops and when moving furniture

• Very high transparency and flexibility
• Having high adhesion and elasticity
• Durability, durability and longevity
• No holes in nylon stretch rolls
• Low weight of nylon stretch furniture rolls
• The possibility of packing furniture at the lowest cost
• Help to pack the furniture as quickly as possible
• Ease of packaging with stretch cellophane furniture
• Creating luxury and beautiful furniture packaging and attracting customers’ attention
• Increasing the security of sofas during transportation
• Preventing the penetration of moisture and dust into the packaging
• High resistance to breaking, tearing, scratching, impact and other damages
• The possibility of using in the packaging of products of the food industry, medicine, toy production, household appliances, etc

What is the difference between stretch furniture and sofa cover?

Some people think that stretch furniture and sofa cover are the name of the same product. This is despite the fact that the usage and features of each of these two products are completely different from each other. A transparent and durable nylon sofa cover is non-adhesive and stretch-resistant. It is custom-made by a tailor to fit the furniture’s size, with the sofa placed inside it. Before the widespread use of transparent sofa covers, individuals used fabric covers to cover the surface of the sofa to prevent the sofa fabric from getting dirty. However, using fabric covers would obstruct the visibility of the sofas’ aesthetic appearance. The introduction of sofa covers resolved this issue. In addition to being transparent and not concealing the beauty of the sofa, these covers also prevent the sofa fabric from getting dirty and moisture from penetrating the fabric surface. Furniture stretch wrap is a temporary product that serves as a protector only during the relocation of furniture. It is removed from the surface of the furniture when it is placed in its designated location and is replaced by a sofa cover. Nylon sofa covers are washable, and they can be laundered periodically to keep them clean and fresh.

Stretch packaging

Buy nylon stretch furniture from reputable companies

To purchase high-quality, stretchable nylon sofa wraps with a 700% stretch capability at an affordable and cost-effective price, you should consider reputable companies like Roll Polymer. In this company, these products are manufactured using high-quality and top-grade raw materials. Customers can place orders for the desired dimensions and thickness of the product according to their needs, and they can receive their orders promptly. The thickness of this type of stretch wrap film typically ranges from 10 to a maximum of 40 microns. The rolls of this type of stretch wrap also come in a length of 2 meters. This company uses the best and most advanced equipment and machinery for the production of its products. All customers of this company are highly satisfied with the quality and price of their sofa stretch wraps.


In this text, we initially discussed the importance of using nylon sofa stretch wraps during the transportation of furniture from manufacturing workshops to stores and during the moving process. Then, we mentioned the advantages of using this product and highlighted the differences between it and sofa covers. Finally, we introduced Roll Polymer as a reputable company for purchasing this product. We hope this text has been helpful to you.