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Hazelnut packaging

Printing on all packaging is done in full color with high resolution.
Production in the dimensions and thickness you require
Production of pistachio packaging using raw materials such as polyethylene, polyester, metallized materials, and more.
Production of packaging in various forms such as pouches, wraps, sachets, and more.

Iran holds the first rank in pistachio cultivation and harvesting, and a substantial volume of this nutritious and valuable commodity enters the market every day. In reality, these pistachios, after being harvested by farmers, are placed in the sun and exposed to fresh air to remove moisture from them. However, the more crucial point is that distribution companies need to store and transport these food items in a way that they do not spoil and remain fresh over an extended period.
That’s why we want to introduce you to pistachio packaging…

Introduction of hazelnut packaging and its benefits

hazelnut packaging is designed in a way that adds a beautiful appearance to the product inside, and it is produced in various styles and materials. This type of packaging is capable of protecting pistachios from any external contamination and keeping them free from moisture. This is important because moisture penetration into the packaging can lead to mold growth, making the pistachios dry and spoil.
Furthermore, due to the type of raw materials they are made from, they are highly flexible and robust, which means they exhibit high resistance against any tearing or puncturing.
One of the main reasons many brands and companies, both large and small, use wrap packaging, pouches, and more for pistachios is the ability to print various designs and custom images on the packaging. This enhances the visual appeal of the packaging and attracts many buyers.
Raw materials for hazelnut packaging
Each of these packagings can be produced from various raw materials such as metallized film, aluminum foil, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, and more. The use of any of these materials, either individually or in combination, imparts specific capabilities to the produced packaging. Therefore, you can customize and procure what you desire based on your needs.
Moreover, the material used in all pistachio packaging is designed in a way that it does not cause any harm to the food and is completely compatible with it.

All kinds of hazelnut packaging

In the pistachio market, there are different tastes and varying needs, which is why there are various types of packaging for pistachios. The sole reason for this is to meet all these different requirements.
These packages include:

Wrapping for hazelnut kernels

For a better understanding of the shape of this packaging, you can refer to pillow packaging, also known as sachet packaging, which is similar in that they both have seals. Wrap packaging encompasses a significant portion of food packaging and is visible in many stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, the widespread use of this product is due to the high quality of its material, adequate strength, excellent printability, and its reasonable price.

Small package of hazelnuts

Hazelnut nut sachet wrapper

Sachet wraps are just like regular wraps but are produced in smaller dimensions, often in rectangular or square shapes. They are commonly used for packaging items like peanuts, almonds, and similar snacks.

Hazelnut packaging envelope and its various models

Another name for pistachio pouches is ‘sandwich pouches’ due to their appearance. One of the practical features of pouches is their ability to print various designs and images with high quality. On the other hand, they can be customized and produced by you in a wider range compared to other packaging options.
These pouches can be produced with different types of seals, including:
Three-sided seal
Gusset seal
Bottom fold
Three-sided fold
and etc.

Hazelnut packaging envelope

Packaging used in stores

In stores, kraft pouches are often used for pistachios because they have an eye-catching appearance. However, these pouches are somewhat permeable and may allow a small amount of moisture to enter the packaging,

Packaging for kilo uses (bulk)

his type of packaging includes items like polyethylene bags and similar materials, and they are often made from polyethylene, which reduces the final packaging cost and significantly increases its durability. Polyethylene is one of the best available polymer raw materials globally and is widely used for this purpose.
All kinds of printing and design on the packaging
In the pistachio market, there is intense competition among various brands. Therefore, one of the factors that significantly boosts your sales and builds customer trust is creating a unique design and printing on the packaging.
Types of printing methods used for hazelnut packaging:
Flexo: Used in all plastic packaging
Heliogravure: Used in cellophane packaging

The thickness and dimensions of the box packaging

All pistachio packaging is produced according to the size and thickness you require, and there are no limitations in this regard. Additionally, if you don’t have a specific idea about the dimensions and the number of packaging layers, you can contact the experts at Roll Polymer Company for comprehensive guidance on this matter.

The price of hazelnut packaging

Due to the fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials, the prices of all packaging can change and may not be listed on the website. Furthermore, the final price of the packaging you desire will change based on the customizations you make, such as the type of printing, packaging material, desired size, number of layers, and more. For this reason, you can contact the experts at Roll Polymer to inquire about the current prices and receive comprehensive guidance for free regarding all these aspects. This way, you can obtain packaging that suits your needs at a reasonable price.