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Nylex garbage

Manufacturer of all kinds of trash bags and nylons

Produced in a variety of colors

Production in all sizes and colors

Production with raw materials grade 1, 2 and 3 according to your cost

The Roll Polymer company manufactures various plastic products in bulk at its own factory and provides them to customers at lower prices by eliminating intermediaries. One of the polyethylene products of this company is Nilex waste, which is offered to customers with different pricing based on the classification of raw materials. In the following article, we will provide explanations regarding quality classification, printing, diversity in dimensions and thickness, as well as the roll production of Nilex waste.

Nylex garbage bag

Grading of Nylex waste bags

In most cases, customers place orders for the production of Nilex waste using grade two and grade three materials. Fewer people are willing to produce this product with new, grade one, and high-quality raw materials, even if it incurs higher costs. However, in any case, the possibility of producing Nilex with grade one raw materials is available through the Roll Polymer company. Customers can contact Roll Polymer experts for any necessary coordination regarding the pricing of this product.

Grading of Nylex waste

How to print on waste nylons

A large number of customers order printed Nilex waste for advertising their businesses and products. The possibility of printing any text or image on Nilex waste is available. The quality of prints from this company is so high that products are provided to customers with a guarantee.

The production of Nilex waste is available in various dimensions and thicknesses.

There are no limitations in terms of dimensions and thickness for the production of any of Roll Polymer’s products, including Nilex waste. Customers can order Nilex waste with dimensions tailored to their specific needs. As the dimensions of the garbage bag increase, its thickness and price will also increase.

Nylex waste dimensions

Production of nylon waste in rolls

One of the best ways to use garbage bags is to purchase them in rolls with handles. Rolling Nilex waste bags makes it easier to separate and use these products. In the Roll Polymer company, it is possible to order Nilex waste bags in both roll form and bulk or kilogram form.

Nylex garbage roll