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Roll garbage bag

Production of various types of garbage bags in all dimensions in roll and perforated forms (various types of garbage bags).

Production in all sizes and thicknesses.

Quality Production Guaranteed

One of the key capabilities of Roll Polymer Company is its ability to produce a variety of plastic products, including roll garbage bags, using primary materials such as polyethylene. The garbage bags produced by this company are of high quality and are available at competitive prices. To learn more about the features of this product, stay with us until the end of this article.

Roll garbage bag

What is a perforated roll garbage bag?

One of the most important features of perforated roll garbage bags is that each bag can be easily separated from the roll using your hands. For this reason, the production of most roll garbage bags is perforated for convenience. Perforation refers to the holes or cut lines incorporated into the rolls of garbage bags that serve the purpose of easily separating the bags from each other.

Perforated roll garbage bags are designed with these perforations for convenience in tearing off individual bags from the roll.

Bulk production of roll garbage bags

As mentioned in previous sections, Roll Polymer manufactures its products using polyethylene as the primary material, and therefore, there are no limitations on the production of roll garbage bags for this company. All products, including nylon roll garbage bags, are produced directly in the factory and are available in bulk in the market.

Bulk roll garbage bags

Production of roll garbage bags in various dimensions and thicknesses

Customers of Roll Polymer Company can order roll garbage bags in their desired dimensions and thicknesses. As the dimensions of the garbage bag increase, the thickness should also increase proportionally. To determine the required thickness for your ordered dimensions, you can contact the experts at this company and ask your questions.

A London-style trash bag roll

is a type of roll used for the first time in the city of London, United Kingdom. It is named after this city for that reason. In terms of practical use, this product does not differ from other types.

There is a variety of colors available for these trash bag rolls.

Many customers do not prefer black-colored trash bag rolls when making a purchase. For this reason, the polymer roll of this product is produced in various color options, and if ordered, the printing process on these trash bags is carried out using advanced machinery with very high quality.

The possibility of customizing the price of roll trash bags is available.

Most customers of Roll Polymer Company prefer to order roll trash bags using recycled grade two and grade three materials to save on costs and avoid using new, high-quality raw materials. Therefore, there is the option for customers to customize and specify the price of recycled raw materials. Please note that Roll Polymer Company primarily uses new, high-quality raw materials for the production of all its products, including roll trash bags. They only use grade two and grade three materials for cost-saving purposes upon customer request.