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Shrink PVC

Production of all kinds of nylon shrink packaging

Production using the highest quality petrochemical raw materials

The possibility of production in desired dimensions and designs

PVC shrink, available in various types, is considered one of the finest and highest-quality products produced by reputable companies in the plastic manufacturing industry. At Roll Polymer Company, in addition to stretch pallet wrap films as a top-selling product, PVC shrink also enjoys a significant fanbase among our customers. To learn more about these PVC packaging shrink films, stay with us until the end of the article. In this article, we intend to provide explanations about the most important advantages, applications, usage instructions, features, and types of PVC shrink films.

What is PVC shrink and what are its features?

PVC shrink film is one of the most widely used packaging shrink films, and Roll Polymer provides this product to customers with the highest quality. Using this product prevents contamination and the entry of dust and debris into the packaging of products. These shrink films are sensitive to heat, which is why they are suitable for use at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. By adding certain additives to the composition of this type of shrink wrap, its resistance to deformation, heat, and other factors can be increased. The top layer of PVC shrink film is a lacquer layer, the middle layer is PVC or polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is an adhesive coating. PVC is a popular material with widespread use worldwide and is considered the most suitable material for producing 3D films. The new generation of PVC shrink films has a thickness of 0.007 millimeters and is produced with environmental protection in mind. However, in traditional shrink film packaging to protect products, the thickness is typically considered to be between 18 to 20 millimeters The use of green PVC shrink film has a significant impact on reducing packaging costs.

What are the benefits of using PVC shrink?

Some of the important advantages of using PVC shrink include the following.

• Reducing environmental air pollution

Due to the significant thinning of PVC shrink film thickness caused by its stretchability, products packaged with it will have a reduced volume, resulting in an overall reduction in cargo volume during transportation. With the reduction in cargo volume during transportation, energy consumption of the vehicle is also reduced. The lower the fuel consumption in a vehicle, the fewer pollutants it releases into the air, resulting in a significant reduction in air and environmental pollution.

• Reducing the amount of waste

The stretchability property of PVC shrink film reduces waste during the packaging of goods. Because the use of pre-stretched stretch film during packaging reduces costs by up to approximately fifty percent during recycling.

• Having the ability to recycle

Green PVC stretch film, for environmental protection, is produced using 100% recyclable raw materials, and it can be recycled in plastic production facilities with common recycling equipment. The recyclability of this product not only reduces environmental pollution but also contributes to cost savings in packaging. One of the most important applications of PVC shrink film is packaging electronic devices. This product is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for packaging medicines and cosmetic and hygiene products.

What are the benefits of packaging products with PVC shrink?

The use of PVC shrink film makes the transportation and relocation of roll products easier. Another benefit of this type of shrink film is the preservation and protection of goods, preventing them from being impacted or damaged during handling. A product packaged with PVC shrink wrap will be securely delivered to the customer in excellent condition, as it offers high strength and durability under various conditions. This type of packaging is also highly resistant to heat, cold, and moisture, maintaining its quality without degradation. Goods packaged with PVC shrink film are protected from any damage along their shipping route. For this reason, these days, the use of PVC shrink films has gained a large number of enthusiasts compared to similar products. High resistance to tearing or puncture, fast shrinkage speed, environmental compatibility, suitability for packaging large items, and use in packaging software, and more are among the other benefits of this type of shrink film.

How many types of shrink are divided into?

The shrink films produced in plastic product manufacturing facilities come in various types and are provided to customers in the form of transparent plastic rolls to be used for packaging various products. The types of shrink are:

• shrink PVC

Due to its versatility, lightweight nature, and affordability, this type of shrink film is one of the most widely used packaging products worldwide.

• shrink POF

Polyolefin shrink film, or POF, is a highly durable and strong type of shrink film that is considered a very suitable option for packaging food products. This product is also FDA approved. Cross-packaging of products using this product prevents water accumulation inside different parts of packaging machines.

• shrink PE

Polyethylene shrink film, or PE, is essentially a type of polyolefin shrink film with the addition of ethylene during the polymerization stage. Polyethylene shrink film has high flexibility and is used for packaging a wide range of products.

“To purchase the highest quality PVC shrink films, consider buying from the best manufacturing companies.

Roll Polymer Company can be introduced as one of the best manufacturers of PVC shrink films. This company produces the best and highest-quality PVC shrink films by utilizing modern and cutting-edge world technologies, combining three elements: chlorine, hydrogen, and carbon, and makes them available to customers. PVC shrink films are used in many construction projects and packaging of household items. For direct and cost-effective purchase of this type of PVC shrink film, contact the sales experts at Roll Polymer.