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Walnut packaging

Production for various uses in all kinds of plastic, kraft envelopes, sachets, all kinds of wrappers and…
The possibility of applying all the prints you want
Production with metallized raw materials, aluminum, polyethylene, polyester, propylene and…
Production in various thicknesses from one to several layers

Today, many walnut distribution companies, as well as stores and shops, use plastic packaging for walnuts. In fact, a store can assess the needs of its customers regarding walnut packaging and then fulfill those needs by ordering customized packaging that is produced with their creativity and taste. For this reason, walnut packaging can be produced in any dimensions and shapes, making it a versatile tool for addressing these needs.

Introduction of walnut packaging and its benefits

In the process of producing and shipping walnuts, the most important concern is their preservation. This is because walnuts are rich in nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids. However, when exposed to sunlight or moisture for an extended period, they gradually lose their properties, begin to dry out, and change color to a dark brown.
All walnut packaging is designed and produced in a way to protect the walnuts from all external contaminants and prevent moisture from entering the packaging so that the walnuts remain fresh and usable for a very long time.
Additionally, they are optimized for strength and flexibility, making them well-suited to resist tearing or puncturing during shipping and handling.

Raw materials used in walnut packaging

One of the highly important features of walnut packaging is the ability to produce them in various materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, metallized, polyester, and more. All of these materials are completely compatible with food items and do not pose any harm to them.
In the production of these packaging materials, a combination of several substances is typically used. This practice significantly enhances the packaging’s durability. Furthermore, the combination of these materials is done according to your specific requirements to create custom packaging tailored to your needs.
On one hand, based on research conducted by the company WPI (a plastic packaging manufacturer), it has been determined that suitable walnut packaging should prevent excessive heat from entering the packaging, maintain a balanced temperature inside, and preserve moisture. For this reason, many customers prefer their packaging to be made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) because it can effectively meet these requirements and significantly extend the shelf life of the walnuts.

All kinds of walnut packaging

As mentioned, in the walnut buying and selling market, there are different tastes and needs, which have led to the availability of various popular types of packaging in this market. Indeed, this can have a positive impact on your sales performance and help prevent additional costs.

Walnut packing nylon

Packaging for powdered walnuts

Powdered packaging has more beauty and charm compared to other types of walnut packaging, and they are produced and offered in various forms such as pouches, rolls, and sachets. Since the freshness of powdered walnuts is of utmost importance, it is recommended to use these three types of packaging and order them in 3 to 4 layers.

Kraft envelope with handle

The surface of Kraft packaging is made from paper materials, and to prevent moisture penetration, a layer of nylon sheet is also used inside it. On this type of Kraft pouch, a sturdy handle is incorporated to make it easier for the customer to carry, and it acts like a moving billboard, showcasing your brand to everyone. It also features a transparent window-like design that clearly showcases the product inside, which can greatly instill customer confidence as they can fully see the desired product.

Kraft envelope walnut packaging

Walnut envelope packaging

Pouch packaging is produced from polymer materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. They are known for their high durability, flexibility, and excellent printability. This type of walnut packaging is highly suitable and effective for increasing sales, marketing, and attracting customers.

Bulk packaging

Bulk packaging refers to the cucumber-like plastic containers that can hold a large quantity of walnuts. It is completely transparent, highly resistant and flexible, and allows for the printing of various designs and images on it.

Types of packing models for walnut kernels

Walnut kernels are one of the profitable nuts, and for this reason, sellers strive to use special and attractive packaging like pouches and rolls, allowing them to print their desired designs on them.

Clear walnut packaging

Special packaging for distributing walnut kernels in a small volume

Small-sized walnuts are typically packaged in clear plastic pouches without custom printing. This approach helps reduce the final cost significantly and also fulfills the seller’s requirements.

Special packaging for distributing walnut kernels in large volume

For high-volume walnut sales, packaging with printing and higher thickness (2 to 4 layers) is commonly used. The reason for choosing these types of packaging is that walnut kernels need to be fully protected and remain fresh over a long period because they are typically used in large grocery stores.
Printing and designing on all kinds of walnut packaging
Remember that in order to increase your sales and make your brand more widely recognized, you definitely need a special printing and design. On the other hand, printing on various types of walnut packaging is done in two ways, which are:



Both of these methods have the capability to print with the highest clarity and can accomplish this task quickly. It is also recommended that you contact the experts at Roll Polymer Company regarding your printing and design services to receive comprehensive guidance on this matter.

Dimensions and thickness of walnut packaging

There are no size or thickness limitations in the production of any of the packaging options, and you can order them with the desired number of layers and your preferred size.

The price of packing walnuts

The final price of each walnut packaging is influenced by various factors, with the most important one being fluctuations in the prices of petrochemical raw materials, which have an impact on the prices of plastic products. Additionally, other factors such as the desired printing, size, number of layers, packaging material, and more can create variations in the final price. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the experts at Roll Polymer Company for obtaining current pricing and free guidance on customizing the packaging according to your needs.