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Bulk garbage bag

Production of various types of garbage bags (perforated roll, packaged, boxed, etc.).

Production in all sizes and thicknesses.

Production with raw materials ranging from grade 1 to grade 4.

Production in all color options is available

We accept various customization orders for unique and bespoke production.

The possibility of printing with 1 to 8 colors.

The usual dimensions of bulk garbage bags are available

One of the plastic products of the Roll Polymer company, which is produced using grade two and three polyethylene raw materials and exported to several other countries, is the bulk garbage bag. In this article, we will provide you with more information about the features, types, and benefits of this product.

How is the bulk garbage bag graded in terms of quality?

Given that garbage bags are not used for packaging food items and are primarily used for collecting various types of waste and hospital and industrial waste, manufacturers typically use grade two and grade three raw materials for producing these products. However, the choice of grading and the quality of raw materials is ultimately up to the customers. The Roll Polymer company utilizes its own waste materials for producing products with grade two raw materials and never imports recycled raw materials from elsewhere into its production system. The question that arises for many customers is what the differences are in the various applications of bulk garbage bags in different grades? In response to this question, we must say that in terms of strength and lifespan, there is no difference between the different grades of this product. The only difference is that these products have a darker color and an unpleasant odor.

Types of bulk garbage bags

How is the production of bulk garbage bags in terms of thickness and dimensions?

There are no limitations in terms of thickness and dimensions in the production of bulk garbage bags, and customers can specify the dimensions and thickness of the garbage bags according to their needs when placing an order. Customers who lack sufficient information about this product can contact the sales consultants of Polymer Roll company and receive the necessary guidance. This company has made every effort to meet all the needs of its customers and expand the variety of its products. Ensuring that all orders are delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

The production of perforated roll garbage bags in bulk.

As mentioned in the previous section, there are no limitations in terms of dimensions and thickness for the production of bulk garbage bags. Customers of this product, for convenient use and optimal sales, can order these bulk garbage bags in perforated roll form. There are no limitations in terms of thickness and dimensions for the production of roll bulk garbage bags either. For customers who are considering ordering perforated roll bulk garbage bags and want to distribute them in bulk, there is also the possibility of ordering custom packaging. Distributing and selling bulk garbage bags in stores can be accompanied by very good profits.

Perforated bulk garbage bag

What factors does the price of bulk waste plastic depend on?

The price of bulk garbage bags is typically calculated on a per-kilogram basis. The direct impact of petrochemical raw material prices on the final price of bulk garbage bags cannot be ignored. Other factors that can affect the price of this product include customization, custom packaging, as well as the volume and dimensions of the order.

Production of bulk garbage bags in various colors

The production of this product offers a wide range of color options, and customers can order bulk garbage bags in both standard and roll forms. The popular color options for this product include blue, green, black, and yellow.