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Rice cellophane

Capability of printing with the highest quality (guaranteed)

Production in all dimensions

Very high resistance against the heavy weight of rice

Rice holds a special place as the most consumed food item in the households of Iranians. To preserve rice, it should be properly packaged using rice sacks (Sulphon rice sacks) under suitable conditions. Due to the high monthly per capita consumption of rice in Iran, most households store this food item in a number of durable packaging options. Rice cellophane, produced by the Roll Polymer company, are known for their high durability and are sold with a quality guarantee. In this article, we intend to discuss the features, production process, types of printing on rice sacks, and the factors influencing the price of this type of packaging.

Familiarity with rice cellophane

What is rice cellophane?

Rice cellophane, made of high-quality plastic, are one of the most commonly used types of packaging that play a crucial role in packaging, preserving, and maintaining the quality of rice. This type of rice cellophane creates a protective barrier without any perforations, preventing moisture, air, and dust from entering the packaging. Buying rice with branded and heavy-duty packaging made of rice cellophane is considered a positive feature. To ascertain the authenticity of the cultivated rice, it is essential to have information about the rice and the address of the manufacturing company printed on the rice cellophane. Customers have the option to place orders with Roll Polymer company for custom text, factory logos, and both text and image printing according to their preferences. A high-quality rice sack is not prone to tearing easily and is completely transparent. High flexibility and resistance to temperature changes are other characteristics of this type of rice cellophane.

What is rice cellophane printing like?

As we mentioned before, to introduce the authenticity and characteristics of the rice that is packaged inside the cellophane, the relevant information about the rice and the cellophane manufacturing company, the factory logo, and the ordered image must be printed on it. The quality of the print is also of special importance. The type of printing is done both as transparent windows and as full print. In fully printed packaging, the contents inside the package are not visible, but in transparent window packaging, the contents inside can easily be seen.

The effect of printing quality on rice cellophane on more sales

The effect of printing quality on rice cellophane on more sales

If a new and unknown brand decides to produce and package rice, it must undoubtedly use beautiful and high-quality printing when ordering. This is because when the rice packaging is striking and beautiful, it will attract more customers. Polymer roll factories guarantee the print quality on this type of cellophane. For more information about how to print on rice cellophane, you can contact the phone numbers available on the website.

What material is rice cellophane made of?

To increase the strength of rice cellophane OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) and CPP (Cast Polypropylene) cellophane are used in their production. The printing is also done in a mirrored form and from the inside.

The price of this cellophane depends on what factors?

Multiple factors play a role in determining the final price of rice cellophanes. One of the most important factors is the daily price of petrochemical or polyethylene raw materials. The price of raw materials is also linked to the stock and capital market. Prices in this market are constantly changing and change daily. The number of colors used in the design and the volume of the order also have an impact. Since the products of the polymer roll company are sold in bulk, directly, and without intermediaries, they also have lower prices.