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Fruit nylon

Production of various types of single-use, export-oriented, dried fruit, and other fruit packaging pouches and plastics is undertaken by this company.

The production of various types of plastic fruit and vegetable bags with handles and crate liners is carried out by this company.

Production is available in all dimensions, thicknesses, and color options to meet your specific needs.

Printing in 1 to 8 colors is also offered as part of the production services.

Roll Polymer , as one of the most reputable companies in the production and printing of polyethylene plastic products, is capable of manufacturing various types of fruit nylon, including fruit pouches, fruit sleeves, dry fruit packaging nylon, specialized fruit packaging, and more, using high-quality raw materials. Fruit packaging nylon is one of the most widely used plastic products worldwide, and its use facilitates the transportation of fruits, helping to preserve their freshness and vitality. When purchasing specialized fruit nylon, it is essential to pay special attention to factors such as the nylon’s resistance to tearing and stretching, as well as its overall quality. In this article, we are going to explain about the features of fruit nylon and how to print this product.

What are the characteristics of fruit nylon?

After purchasing fruits from wholesale markets, supermarkets, or fruit vendors, customers are often provided with plastic handle bags made from nylon materials. These bags are designed for customers to carry their fruits conveniently. The design of fruit nylon is such that even when carrying heavy loads, it does not easily tear, and it is produced in various dimensions and sizes. It’s interesting to note that fruit nylon is not only used for transporting and moving fruits but also offered by sellers for transporting other products as well. Another useful feature of this type of nylon is its contribution to extending the shelf life and freshness of fruits for an extended period.

Introduction of different types of fruit nylon

Cucumber nylon

  • Cucumber nylon

Cucumber nylon As one of the types of fruit nylon, cucumber nylon is used for bulk packaging of citrus fruits, fruits, and vegetables in agricultural fields. This facilitates the easy transportation of the harvested products to fruit and vegetable markets for distribution to customers and consumers. This type of nylon, known as cucumber nylon, is one of the most commonly used types of nylon after fruit packaging boxes. It is characterized by its large dimensions and is popularly referred to as cucumber nylon in common terminology. This type of nylon has very high resistance against damage. The thickness of cucumber nylon is designed in a way that it is resistant to tearing and impact, preventing moisture from fruits and vegetables, thus helping to prevent spoilage and loss.

Cellophane fruit packaging

  • Cellophane packaging of single fruits

Thin packaging cellophane is used for individually wrapping fruits. This type of fruit nylon is used for exporting fruits. The use of this type of packaging can indeed incur significant costs, so it’s essential to thoroughly assess the export fruit market conditions before opting for this packaging method. Individual fruit cellophane wrap prevents fruit from bruising and helps retain its moisture until it reaches the customer.

  • food stretch

The disposable plastic covers used to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on fruits placed in single-use containers are referred to as food-grade stretch wraps. They package watery fruits such as strawberries using this type of fruit nylon. First, strawberries are placed inside storage trays, and then their surface is covered using food-grade stretch wraps. Using this method, both preventing squashing and wilting of strawberries is achieved, and they can remain fresh for a longer period. This type of packaging typically receives a great deal of customer enthusiasm, and customers are very eager to purchase strawberries and other fruits packaged with food-grade stretch wraps.

Dry fruit packing envelope

  • Dry fruit packing envelope

Many people have a strong liking for dried fruits. Producers, aware of the high popularity of dried fruits among the public, use new and advanced machinery and technologies to dry fresh fruits and offer them in the market. These products also have their own special enthusiasts outside of Iran, and for this reason, dried fruits have become one of the popular and profitable export products. Using regular fruit nylon for packaging export-oriented dried fruits doesn’t offer much appeal. Therefore, to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of export-oriented products, they place them inside packaging pouches specifically designed for dried fruits. As mentioned earlier, dried fruits are considered high-value export products, and by packaging them in pouches, their sales volume can be further increased. Fruit packaging pouches come in various types, including metallized pouches, aluminum pouches, laminated pouches with high printability, and they are available in models with zip locks and handles.

How to order fruit nylon at Roll Polymer Company

To order your desired fruit nylon, you can convey the idea you have in mind to the polymer experts at Roll Polymer. They will produce and deliver the exact product you have in mind. This company uses various methods and utilizes a full eight-color HD printing technique to package fruit nylons with the best quality and the most competitive prices. In general, the prices of the various products offered by this company are more affordable and of higher quality compared to others, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries and bulk production.