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Saffron packaging

Production of all kinds of cellophane packaging, envelopes, nylon, etc.
You can customize the size and thickness of the packaging
Your desired print design on the packaging
Production of all kinds of packaging with first-class polymer raw materials

Saffron, also known as red gold, is a plant with medicinal and culinary properties, and the majority of its cultivation and export occurs in Iran. Saffron is a highly sought-after commodity, and for this reason, various saffron producers compete with each other. One of the crucial aspects of this competition is having an elegant and attractive packaging for saffron, which greatly influences the sales of this product.

Introducing and familiarizing with saffron packaging

Saffron is a precious and expensive commodity, which has led to the production of various packaging sizes for this product. Due to its high cost, many individuals purchase saffron in small, gram-sized packages, while others buy it in bulk or in other packaging formats. In fact, the production of various packaging options serves to meet your needs and caters to all preferences, and most importantly, it ensures the complete protection of the contents inside the packaging.

Types of saffron packaging

Different types of saffron packaging

Saffron packaging comes in various types due to different preferences and uses, and in the following, we will discuss these different types.

Cellophane packaging for saffron

This type of packaging involves saffron being packaged in cellophane within a paper pouch. One of the highly notable features of cellophane packaging is its transparency. This transparency allows the contents inside the cellophane to be completely visible, which enhances customer trust. It also has the capability to protect saffron from external contaminants, keep it fresh, and prevent moisture from entering the packaging. This aspect greatly contributes to preserving the taste and aroma of saffron.

Cellophane packaging for saffron

Laminated envelope

Laminated pouches are highly popular because they are very compact and add a stunning beauty to saffron packaging. Saffron strands are placed inside a plastic packaging within these pouches, and often, there is an additional layer of plastic covering the pouches, significantly enhancing their durability. Furthermore, these pouches have the capability to be produced in various dimensions and thicknesses, according to your preferences.

Saffron laminate envelope

Tersbafan cellophane packaging

Cellophane is made from high-quality raw materials, which significantly enhance its tensile strength and resistance, effectively protecting saffron. One highly practical feature of this product is the ability to print on it. Without the need for a patterned pouch, you can print your desired image or design on it with the highest quality.

Suitable material for saffron packaging

Saffron plastic packaging is made from polymeric raw materials. These materials are of the highest quality, which is why their tensile strength is significantly increased, and their resistance to external factors is enhanced.
These packagings are completely food-grade and designed for this type of use. “One of the reasons for this compatibility is the use of high-quality raw materials for packaging production, which can confirm and preserve the saffron’s health. Packaging is directly related to the product, making it a crucial aspect in the food packaging industry, especially for saffron.

Functional properties of saffron packaging

Among other types of packaging, we can mention:
– Preservation of taste
– Keep the smell
– Preservation of color
– Increasing the lifespan of saffron
– Ease of use
– Occupying very little packaging space
– Beautiful packaging
– The price is right

Possibility of printing on saffron packaging

In fact, many large and small brands prefer to have their desired print on the product, and the reason for this is to increase sales efficiency, which is considered a significant advantage. Saffron packaging, due to its material, makes printing very easy and allows for the printing of any design or image using various printing methods. Furthermore, the print quality on this packaging is high, displaying images, logos, and various designs in a clear and vibrant manner.
Transparent cellophane packaging is also used for local purposes, and most often, printing is not done on them.

Desired size and dimensions


The dimensions and thickness of this packaging are designed and produced according to your needs, with no limitations in choosing either of these two factors. This allows for the customization of packaging to perfectly match what you believe is needed in terms of size and thickness, ultimately enhancing the desired efficiency.

How to know the price of saffron packaging

The best way to find out the price of saffron packaging is to contact the sales experts at Rol Polymer Company. This is because, due to fluctuations in the prices of polymer raw materials, the price of the desired packaging will also change.
You can also get free consultation from our experts at Rol Polymer Company by contacting us. This consultation can help you make the most suitable choice for your packaging needs, including printing, dimensions, thickness, and packaging type, taking into consideration your specific requirements and criteria.