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tea wrapper

Production of tea wrappers in different types from one to several layers
Production with polyethylene, metallized, polyester, cellophane, nylon and…
The possibility of customizing the dimensions and thickness you want
The ability to print on all packages with the most up-to-date devices

Today, many tea-producing companies worldwide prefer to use various forms of tea bag rolls for packaging their products. They do this because they need to keep the product fresh and preserved from the time of production to consumption while maintaining the aroma and flavor of the tea effectively. However, the use of tea bag rolls for packaging tea can have many more applications for these companies and significantly boost their sales efficiency. This includes creating elegant packaging and also incorporating printing and design on the packaging, among other benefits.
Continuing, we intend to familiarize you with the uses of this product and its various types…

Introducing the tea wrapper and the reasons for using it

In the world of packaging, the term ‘tea bag roll’ can have various meanings and concepts, but in general, it refers to any type of tea packaging that involves stitching and can come in different variations.
Tea packagings are entirely food-safe due to the nature of the raw materials they are made of. They have the ability to protect the desired product completely against various external contaminants, moisture, etc., thanks to their high-quality materials and construction. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to physical factors such as tearing or puncturing.
Tea bag rolls are entirely printable, and for this reason, many companies utilize this opportunity to showcase their brand and unique designs to the public. They believe that creating distinct prints makes the desired packaging very attractive and appealing, drawing the attention and trust of customers towards their brand and product.
Indeed, all the mentioned capabilities contribute to a significant increase in the profitability of a business, and all of these can happen through the use of a specialized and tailored tea packaging.

Getting to know the types of tea wrappers

Tea packagings are used in various places, and there are different preferences. All of these factors drive packaging companies to produce tea packagings in various forms to meet the needs of everyone. These packages include:

Sachet roll

These types of packaging are presented in small dimensions and are typically used for packaging tea bags. They provide an attractive shape to the product and are produced in various forms such as bottom stitching, back sealing, and more.

Tea bag roll

Tea bag rolls are similar to sachets but with the difference that in this type, metallized material is often used due to its high strength and impermeability. This can significantly extend the shelf life of the tea and keep it fresh for an extended period.

Pillowcase rolls.

Most pillowcase packagings are presented in a stitched form. This type of packaging is available in both box-like and plastic forms in the market.
In plastic samples, only tea is placed inside the packaging and is completely protected when the packaging is sealed. However, in box-like samples, if the tea is in the form of loose tea, it needs to be placed inside a cellophane or metallized packaging before being placed inside the box, especially if the tea is hot. On the other hand, if the tea is in the form of tea bags, it needs to be sachet-packaged and then placed inside the box. Additionally, in most cases, the box itself is wrapped with transparent cellophane, which effectively keeps contaminants and moisture away.

Tea packaging envelope

envelope wrapper

Pouch packagings are easy to use and stylish, but they tend to be relatively more expensive. One of the features of pouch packaging is its independence from secondary packaging for tea, as the chosen pouch is of high-quality material, is fully sealed, and can keep the tea fresh for a very long time.
Pouch packaging for tea comes in various forms, including zip-lock, stitched, and more.
Raw materials used in tea wrappers
Polypropylene or cellophane opp, bopp, cpp
Polyethylene or nylons and nylex
Laminate and polyethylene materials
Polyester or bopet
and etc.
“Furthermore, to create a strong and thick packaging, a combination of multiple materials is often used.

The importance of printing and design on the tea wrapper

The best way to establish your brand, gain customer trust, and compete in the market is by creating stylish packaging along with attractive printing. These two elements are complementary to each other, and using them together can bring positive outcomes to your business. Printing on packaging helps you achieve the highest return on investment for advertising with minimal cost, and this approach is widely used in all renowned companies.
Printing on tea pouches is done in two ways: flexo and gravure. Due to the slight differences between these two printing methods, you can choose the one that is more cost-effective for your needs.

Tea packaging printing

Flexo printing is a versatile method for applying your images and designs to various plastic packaging. It’s done quickly and provides high clarity and vibrant colors. However, some intricate designs may not be achievable through this method.
Heliographic printing is well-known and specifically designed for printing on cellophane packaging. One of the good features of this method that should be mentioned is printing all images and designs with the highest possible quality and in the fastest time.
You can receive free consultation regarding the type of printing on your desired packaging from the experts at Roll Polymer Company.

The dimensions and thickness of the tea wrapper

In the production of tea rolls, there are no limitations on dimensions and thickness. In fact, this allows customers to order their packaging in custom sizes and thickness according to their specific needs.

The price of tea wrapper packaging

The price of all tea rolls is calculated based on the customizations you request. Additionally, packaging prices are determined considering the fluctuations in petrochemical raw material prices, and these prices can change daily.
For this reason, we recommend that you contact Rol Polymer Company to get the current prices. In addition, you will be able to receive free consultation regarding the dimensions of your packaging, thickness, type of stitching, packaging shape, desired printing, and more. This way, you can make the best choice at the best price.