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Plastic by the kilogram

Major manufacturer of various plastic products and sales by the kilogram.

Printing nylon per kilogram with the highest quality, quality guaranteed.

Production in color, transparent, and with printing.

The cost of plastic per kilogram is set based on the price of petrochemical raw materials, which due to fluctuations, please contact us to receive the price.

Roll Polymer Company, as one of the manufacturers of various types of plastic products with polyethylene raw materials, offers all its productions such as nylon, stretch, cellophane, nylex, advertising handled plastic, greenhouse plastic, etc., in bulk and by the kilogram to buyers. Various types of plastic by the kilogram are sold at a low price in two groups: kilogram nylex and kilogram nylon. In this article, we intend to explain the features of various types of plastic by the kilogram, how to calculate the price, the steps for placing an order, grading raw materials in terms of quality, and printing on plastic by the kilogram.

How is the price of plastic per kilo calculated?

The price of plastic by the kilogram is calculated based on the price of polyethylene raw materials, and given the unstable economic conditions and price fluctuations of raw materials in the market, it is not possible to consider a specific and uniform price for these products. To receive the price of plastic by the kilogram, you need to contact the sales experts of Roll Polymer . This company offers its products directly, in bulk, and without intermediaries at a much lower price than other manufacturers to customers. In the case of custom orders, the final price of each type of plastic by the kilogram will increase, and the price is calculated based on the kilogram.

Introduction of kilo plastic


Introduction of different types of kilo plastic

As we mentioned, the Roll Polymer manufacturing company provides various plastic products by the kilogram to its customers. Plastics by the kilogram also come in various types, and they are produced using two kinds of materials: nylex and nylon. Kilogram nylons and nylexes include banana handle plastic, patch handle plastic, drawtape plastic, and reinforced handle plastic. All the introduced plastics are produced and offered with the best print quality and using first-grade raw materials. For this reason, these products are sold with a quality guarantee. Also, note that plastics by the kilogram are manufactured in two groups: advertising and regular. In advertising versions of plastic by the kilogram, colorful and transparent printed designs are used with the best quality. Roll Polymer is capable of producing various types of handled plastics by the kilogram with the best quality and at the lowest prices, using the most advanced machinery and with the help of experienced personnel, for its customers.

Getting to know the procedures for placing an order to buy this plastic

First, you need to choose the size and thickness of the plastic you desire. Then, choose the type of raw material you want from among nylon and nylex. In the next step, to increase volume, choose one from among different types of casts such as bottom cast, three-side cast, and side cast. In the final step, if you have an image in mind for printing on the plastic, provide it, and otherwise, select a sample from among the various unprinted types or pre-made prints.

Classification of kilo plastics in terms of the quality of raw materials

Many profit-seekers use low-quality and waste materials for producing plastic and present it as new and first-grade materials to their customers. However, in the company… Roll Polymer ly first-grade and new raw materials are used for producing plastic products. Lower quality, second or third-grade materials are only used if the customer specifically orders this way to reduce costs. Different types of plastics by the kilogram are divided into four groups based on the grading of the quality of raw materials. First-grade and new raw materials are ranked highest in terms of quality. Second-grade raw materials are produced from second-grade waste materials. For third and fourth-grade raw materials, third and fourth-grade waste materials are used respectively. However, we recommend not ordering fourth-grade raw materials for the plastic by the kilogram you desire. These materials are of very low quality and are more suited for the production of garbage bags.

Introduction of kilo plastic types

What is the advantage of introducing kilo plastics?

Many businesses, to increase their yield and occupational efficiency, place their products inside promotional handled bags and deliver them to the customer. Currently, this method is considered the cheapest and, at the same time, the most profitable advertising method. Roll Polymer is capable of printing various types of kilogram nylon and nylex with the most advanced machines in the world, such as the Helio machine, using one to eight colors in full HD, or using the flexo printing machine in one to six colors in full HD. Generally, kilogram plastics, in terms of printing, are divided into two types: custom and ready-made. The design intended for custom printing is provided by the customer, and the company prints it on the plastic. However, in the case of ready-made printed designs, the customer has no interference and only selects and purchases one or several samples of them.


Production of colored and transparent plastic handles

Customers intending to order unprinted handled plastics have two options. They can order the plastic either transparent and colorless or in color. Both products are outstanding in terms of production quality and raw materials.

The price of plastic per kilo in the factory

The price of plastic by the kilogram in the factory, as an important raw material in the plastic industry, may vary and depends on different factors. These factors include the type of plastic, the quality of raw materials, demand and supply in the market, production costs, global market conditions, and changes in relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, the price per kilogram of plastic can change over time and may vary according to economic and industrial conditions.

Generally, the price per kilogram of plastic in the factory is determined by agreement between the manufacturer and the buyer. Plastic manufacturers determine the final price of the product based on production costs, research and development, raw material costs, energy costs, equipment maintenance costs, and other related expenses.

In addition, the price per kilogram of plastic may be subject to fluctuations due to changes in the prices of oil and other stable and variable raw materials. These changes can occur due to fluctuations in the global market, economic sanctions, political and economic changes in countries, regional disputes, and other factors.

Therefore, to know the exact price per kilogram of plastic in the factory, it is better to be in contact with the manufacturers to receive up-to-date and accurate information about the prices.