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Stretch pallet wrap

The ability to order in custom dimensions is available.

The capability to order with the desired thickness specified by the customer is also available.

The sole producer of 5-layer stretch wrap.

Purchasing and using pallet stretch wrap in packaging products manufactured in various industries can significantly improve the quality of packaging. Stretch pallet wrap is also known by names such as shrink wrap roll, nylon stretch, and industrial shrink film. This product is cost-effective and can be used both manually and with machines. Most customers are satisfied with this type of packaging. In this article, we intend to provide a comprehensive introduction to the features of this product.

What is stretch pallet warp?

Pallet stretch wrap is a type of packaging product used to secure and transport both lightweight and heavy goods on pallets, ensuring their preservation during transportation. This product is supplied in the form of a wide, transparent polymer roll that is applied onto pallets and the desired goods using a packaging machine.

By using pallet stretch wrap, goods are protected against damages that may occur during transportation due to various impacts and abrasions. Additionally, the use of this product helps reduce product wastage during transportation, leading to cost savings for businesses.

Pallet stretch wrap is a nylon product made from polyethylene materials, known for its high stretchability and resilience. Polyethylene (PE) is a polymer material composed of synthesized ethylene units and is derived from the combination of natural gases and crude oil. Ethylene molecules, when subjected to the polymerization process, align in a chain-like structure, resulting in the formation of larger molecules known as polymers. Polyethylene has extensive applications in the plastics and rubber industries. This nylon is produced in various dimensions to serve diverse applications, and various industries use it for packaging their products. In fact, pallet stretch wrap can be introduced as one of the most important products in the packaging and preparation process of products within a workshop or factory. They prepare the products for sale by packaging them using stretch film.

Getting to know the special and unique properties of stretch pallet band

What is the most important feature of stretch pallet band?

Having high stretchability can be considered the most important feature of pallet stretch wrap. As you may know, the ability to undergo reversible deformation or exhibit elasticity and stretchability is a key property of various materials. It is said that if nylon stretch wrap lacks acceptable stretchability, it will tear with the slightest tensile force and pressure, rendering it unsuitable for packaging products. The absence of stretchability in nylon is not economically viable either, as it results in losses for the customer and leads to significant wastage during product packaging. To produce pallet stretch wraps with high stretchability, advanced and modern machinery must be utilized. These machines can produce industrial films with strong adhesion and minimal thickness. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the use of advanced machinery is effective only when high-quality raw materials are employed. Otherwise, the final product will not have the desired stretchability. Therefore, it can be concluded that top-quality materials, along with the use of advanced machinery, play a crucial role in producing standard pallet stretch wraps.

Getting to know the applications of stretch pallet band

If we want to highlight the most important application of stretch wrap, we must say that the use of this product in packaging products across various industries is widespread. In fact, nylon stretch wrap is an integral part of packaging in workshops and factories. This product is commonly used for packaging in industries such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals, paper manufacturing, furniture packaging, wooden decoration packaging, toy manufacturing, kitchenware production, and more. The primary function of nylon stretch wrap is to protect products against moisture, tears, scratches, dust accumulation, and damage during transportation, among other factors. Thanks to the use of high-quality and hygienic raw materials, it is also safe for contact with food items, ensuring that there are no issues with the quality of food products. In smaller industries, product packaging is often done manually, but in larger industries that deal with heavy and bulky products, packaging is automated and machine-driven.

Getting to know the applications of stretch pallet band

What are the advantages of using stretch pallet bands in product packaging?

  • Increased Packing Speed
  • Protection Against Heat, Dust, and Moisture
  • Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Product Strength and Durability
  • High Transparency and Clarity
  • Visual Appeal
  • Reducing the weight of packages
  • Convenience of transporting and moving goods
  • Reducing the cost of transporting goods
  • The low price of stretch pallet band
  • It has a regular rollie twist and the right length
  • No change of state against sunlight and ultraviolet rays
  • Having high adhesion and elastic resistance

What options can be added during the production of stretch nylon?

Generally, pallet stretch wrap is produced in a transparent form, but it is also possible to customize this product with a matte finish. If stretch film is produced in colored form, it will incur additional costs. Adding additives to increase nylon’s resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and static electricity is another option that can be incorporated into this product during production.

Getting to know the special and unique properties of stretch pallet band


  • Anti-UV properties

When products packaged with nylon stretch wrap are exposed to outdoor environments, especially during the summer season, they may lose their stretchability and resilience when subjected to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, becoming what is commonly referred to as “loose.” Therefore, it is essential to use nylon stretch wraps that are equipped with UV-resistant or anti-UV additives when packaging products that will be exposed to outdoor conditions. Using additives in the production of nylon stretch wrap will indeed increase its resistance to sunlight.

Anti-UV properties

  • Anti static property

Standard pallet stretch wraps do have static electricity properties and can attract airborne dust particles. In some manufacturing companies, having the static electricity property in the packaging is considered a drawback, especially when it’s essential that no dust or particles adhere to the packaging. In such cases, they may opt for stretch wrap materials with anti-static properties to prevent dust attraction. In such situations, special anti-static additives are used with specific methods to mitigate the static electricity properties of the packaging material. Indeed, it’s worth noting that standard nylon stretch wraps, despite attracting dust and particles, will become clear again after cleaning, returning to their original state.

Thickness and strength of stretch pallet band

What is the relationship between the thickness of stretch nylon and its strength?

It is common knowledge that the thicker the nylon stretch wrap, the stronger it will be in proportion. Industrial nylon stretch wraps with thicknesses of 23 and 24 microns typically have good and acceptable strength. Of course, there is also the possibility of customization and increasing the thickness of these products when a higher level of strength is required.

Familiarity with stretching methods with stretch pallet band

As mentioned in previous sections, pallet stretch wrap can be used both manually and with automated and automatic machinery for packaging various products and goods. In packaging small and individual products, manual methods are often employed, while for larger products and bulk packaging, machine-based methods are preferred. Stretch wrapping using manual methods typically incurs higher costs and requires more time compared to machine-based wrapping. This method is more commonly used in small workshops. In the machine-based method, products are packaged at a higher speed, and human intervention is minimal.

The use of stretch pallet bands in product packaging

Automatic stretch pallet belt

An automatic pallet stretch wrap is a type of packaging machine that automatically wraps pallets and goods using stretch wrap without the need for manual intervention. This machine utilizes an automated system for cutting and applying stretch wrap and is typically used for packaging large-volume goods.

Using automatic pallet stretch wrapping, the packaging time for goods is reduced, and the efficiency and speed of packaging increase significantly. Furthermore, this machine offers high precision in packaging and helps protect goods against various damages during transportation. The use of automatic pallet stretch wrapping aids in reducing business costs and improving factory efficiency.

Purchase of stretch pallet band from Roll Polymer Company

Nylon stretch wraps intended for use in the food industry or for packaging furniture, and so on, are typically sold by the Roll Polymer company in rolls weighing ten kilograms each. Of course, these rolls can also be produced in dimensions of one thousand meters. The price of this product depends on factors such as the width of the nylon, the length of the roll, its strength, thickness, stretchability properties, anti-static features, and UV resistance. To inquire about the price of the desired product and place an order, you can contact the sales representatives of Roll Polymer.