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Furniture bubble nylon cover

Production of all kinds of bubble plastic for all kinds of businesses

Production in all dimensions and layers

The ability to customize the dimensions of the bubbles according to your needs

One of the highly versatile plastic products produced by Rol Polymer Company is the bubble wrap nylon furniture cover, which is used for packaging and protecting furniture items. By using this cover, you can prevent the formation of scratches and dents on furniture and protect them from impacts. Bubble wrap nylon furniture covers are produced in various dimensions and sizes according to customer orders and requirements. Some manufacturers use stretch nylon instead of bubble wrap impact-resistant covers. Because the price of stretch nylon is cheaper compared to bubble wrap nylon. In the continuation of this topic, we will provide explanations regarding customizing the bubble sizes on bubble wrap nylon for furniture, printing on this nylon, and factors affecting the price of this product.

Customizing the dimensions of bubbles in bubble nylon

The possibility of customizing the dimensions of bubbles in bubble nylon

As you are aware, in the production of products by Rol Polymer Company, including bubble wrap nylon furniture covers. There are no limitations in terms of bubble dimensions and sizes for products from Rol Polymer Company. Customers can order the dimensions they need according to their requirements. If you believe your furniture is delicate and sensitive, it’s advisable to order larger bubble sizes for added protection. Conversely, if you think the furniture is lightweight and not prone to damage, smaller bubble sizes won’t pose any issues, and the furniture will remain undamaged during transportation. For more information in this regard, you can contact the consultants on the website.

Printing on furniture bubble nylon cover

How popular is printing on the bubble nylon furniture cover?

The number of customers who request printing on bubble wrap nylon furniture covers is indeed relatively low. Most of them prefer to use plain bubble wrap nylon for covering furniture. However, Roll Polymer Company has created conditions where, upon customer request, high-quality printing of logos, images, and text on bubble wrap nylon is possible. The prints are done using an eight-color CMYK process with full high-definition (Full HD) quality, utilizing the most advanced printing machinery available.

What factors does the price of bubble nylon furniture cover depend on?

Due to the fluctuations in the market for polyethylene-based raw materials and petrochemicals, the prices of all plastic products are constantly changing. To obtain the current price of any product, including bubble wrap nylon, you can get in touch with the sales representatives at Roll Polymer Company. contact us.Since this company provides products directly to customers in bulk without intermediaries, the prices of all their products are more affordable compared to other places.

Furniture bubble nylon cover

Production of bubble nylon in various sizes and thicknesses

The manufacturing group at Roll Polymer has no restrictions on producing bubble wrap nylon in various dimensions and thicknesses. Customers can order different dimensions and thicknesses of this nylon, whether it’s single-layer or multi-layer, to use it as bubble wrap nylon furniture covers.

What are the advantages of using bubble nylon for furniture?

This product helps prevent the formation of scratches and damage to furniture. Transporting furniture with bubble wrap nylon is more convenient and provides a higher level of security. It also serves as an impact-resistant barrier during transportation. If the dimensions of the bubbles on the nylon are larger, the level of impact resistance will also be greater.