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coffee bag

The ability to produce in the form of cassettes, three-sided sewing and…
Production of cpp, bopp, opp, metallized, polyethylene, cellophane materials and…
The ability to print the desired design and image with high quality
The possibility of customizing the size and thickness you need

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages worldwide, with significant attention and sales across the globe. Indeed, using elegant packaging in the coffee market is considered an advantage, capable of capturing the attention of many customers and boosting your sales performance. This is because the coffee market is highly competitive, with various brands striving to present their products to the public through different methods, such as creating distinctive packaging.The coffee pouch is one of the aspects that we will provide you with more information about in the following.

Types of coffee packaging envelopes

Considering various tastes and uses, different types of packaging have been introduced to the market to comprehensively address consumer needs. These packages include:

Kraft coffee envelope

This type of packaging is highly popular in its own right and is mostly seen inside stores, not strongly recommended for industrial uses. These packagings are made of paper, and in some cases, they are produced in glossy and kraft varieties. They also have considerable durability and provide good protection for the contents within the packaging.

Zip keep coffee bag

The production of this type of pouch involves incorporating a zip cap onto the packaging, making it very convenient for opening and resealing the pouch. One of the excellent features of this packaging is its ability to preserve the contents inside and keep them fresh, which enhances the shelf life of the product. Furthermore, due to its zip resealability, the packaging maintains its attractive appearance and neat shape throughout its use.

Zip keep coffee bag

Envelope with coffee valve

Using a valve in packaging allows the gas that accumulates inside the packaging to escape, preventing the packaging from puffing up. Indeed, using a valve is beneficial for certain types of coffee that produce gas. Besides preserving the required oxygen for coffee, it prevents the penetration of contaminants and moisture into the packaging, keeping the coffee fresh.

The envelope is standing at the bottom of the cassette

Cassette coffee envelope

All coffee bags are available in the following ways:
Without Cassette: The intended package has a flat surface.
Caste bottom: In order for the packaging to be perfect, it must be produced in the form of cassettes.
Cassette side: In this type of packaging, the sides of the envelope (both sides) are embedded with cassettes.
Three sides of the cassette: It is installed around the envelope of the cassette, except for its top.

But what is the use of cassette packaging?

Packaging with minimal waste production can accommodate a larger volume of coffee. While it may seem like a small matter, it can indeed be highly profitable for you in high quantities. These types of packaging also create a clean and attractive appearance for your product.

Types of coffee packaging envelopes
Other types of coffee envelopes can be produced

Regal envelope

Additionally, there is a hole at the top of the packaging through which you can hang and display the pouches.

envelope with handle

This pouch has a handle at its top, making it very convenient for customers to carry and capable of supporting heavy weights.

Envelope with window

Window pouches are highly suitable for coffee sales, as the name suggests. They feature a fully transparent window in shapes such as circles, squares, etc., on the packaging, allowing the product to be prominently displayed and attracting customer trust

What gender is the coffee packaging envelope made of?

To cater to various uses and meet specific requirements, coffee pouches need to be produced from different materials to maintain their effectiveness.


This material is not used on its own and requires complementary layers such as BOPP and OPP to enhance its strength and improve its printability.


This material is predominantly found in packaging pouches that incorporate cellophane and have capabilities similar to BOPP. You can choose to use this material based on your specific needs.


This material, on its own, can significantly increase the strength of coffee pouches and elevate their print quality to a high standard.


Metallized is, in fact, a type of aluminum foil that is used in conjunction with other layers and is laminated onto those layers.


The resistance and printability of polyethylene are exactly like the cases mentioned above (if not better). However, the key difference is that other materials are polypropylene-based, meaning they have the capability to come into contact with food items without causing harm. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is not like this and needs to be produced in a way that it does not directly interact with food items. In this case, it can be very practical and work better.

Types of coffee packaging envelopes based on appearance

1- Transparent and glossy, which is highly popular and showcases the product clearly and prominently.
2- Matte type, which adds a double beauty to the packaging and is also among the most expensive options.
3- Pearlescent material, which has milky colors and is often used in packaging such as salt packaging.
4- Silver or metallic, as mentioned earlier, its appearance resembles an aluminum foil sheet.

Design and printing on packaging

Creating an attractive print on packaging certainly captures a lot of attention, and as mentioned, various brands always utilize printing on their packaging It’s worth mentioning that Roll Polymer Company delivers all your prints and designs with the latest equipment and the highest quality.
Some of the printing methods used for coffee pouches include:
The print quality in both methods is such that they display images and designs clearly and vividly. However, in flexographic printing, due to its high printing distance, it may not be feasible to execute some prints.

The price of coffee packaging

The price of coffee pouches depends on the cost of petrochemical raw materials, and because these raw materials fluctuate in price daily, you will need to contact the experts at Roll Polymer Company to obtain the most up-to-date prices. Additionally, the final packaging price, considering factors such as the packaging shape and desired printing, is subject to change. For this reason, it is recommended to seek comprehensive and free guidance from our sales representatives so that you can make the best choice.