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Nylex print

Printing on various types of nylon, handled plastic, cellophane, shrink, and so on…

Printing from one to 12 colors in FULL HD (Flexo and Gravure).

The Roll Polymer Company is capable of performing nylon printing. The Roll Polymer Company is able to execute nylon printing in various types including handled, rolled, packeted, etc., with one to twelve diverse colors and in full HD with the highest quality and finest details, utilizing complete expertise and advanced, up-to-date equipment. It can offer these directly and without intermediaries to customers at the most reasonable prices. Nylon is presented as one of the best types of packaging plastics in various stores for offering products. The beautiful printing of nylon plays a very effective role in encouraging customers to purchase products. Information such as logo, brand, compositions, factory name, and advertising slogans are printed on the nylon. In this article, we intend to explain about the types of nylon printing, the impact of print quality on advertising, and the factors affecting the printing cost on nylon.

What is Nylex?

Nylon is one of the types of plastic products that has many uses in people’s daily lives. This product is produced based on polyethylene materials and is one of the very cheap and ideal methods for advertising. The types of nylon include shopping nylon, freezer bags, reinforced handle plastic bags, t-shirt bags, banana handle bags, trash bags, disposable gloves, disposable tablecloths, and so on, each having its own specific use. The most important difference between nylon and polyethylene (often referred to as ‘nylax’ or ‘nylaks’ in some dialects and regions) is that their raw materials are different. Nylaxes (Naylaks) are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and nylons are made with low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Naylaks (polyethylene bags) are dry and matte, while nylon is soft and smooth, and unlike Naylaks, it does not produce much rustling sound when handled. Producing nylon with thin thickness does not cause any problem in its usage because they have high resistance, but nylons must definitely be produced with medium and high thickness to avoid tearing when carrying products. Various designs and colors are used for printing on Naylaks (polyethylene bags). One of the most important factors affecting print quality is the use of the most advanced and up-to-date machinery. Printing various types of Naylaks is done at Roll Polymer with a quality guarantee for the customers.

Introducing Different Types of Naylaks Printing.

  • Flexo Printing:

The flexo printing method is a type of high-quality and prominent printing used for Naylaks printing. In this method, templates or clichés are used with a minimum of six different colors, and after the ink is applied to the Naylaks, the customer’s desired design is printed. The accuracy, speed, and high quality of flexo printing have made it one of the most popular types of printing.

  • Helio print

Helio printing is another type of Nylex printing that is more useful for plastic handbags. The function of helio printing is very similar to flexo printing. The only difference is that printing plates are used in flexo and metal cylinders are used in helio. Full HD is used in six colors in flexo printing and eight colors in helio printing. Of course, there are other methods besides helio and flexo, but these two methods have more quality and fans.

Print on Nylex

The effect of Nylex print quality in advertisements

The quality and printing of nylon are of great importance at the time of selling this product, and the higher the quality and durability of the nylon, the higher the sales will be. Two influential factors in the quality of nylon are the raw materials and the quality of its stitching. Nylons with high-quality stitching have great strength and durability, and they show higher resistance when carrying heavy goods. Considering these points, if you intend to use printed nylon as an advertising product for your business, entrust this task to a reputable and experienced company to increase your sales and profitability with this action. In reputable companies, the best and most advanced printing, cutting, stitching, and punching machines are used.

Factors influencing the price of Nylex printing

Considering the high demand of consumers for various types of nylon and the extensive applications of these products in the packaging industry, Roll Polymer Company offers a variety of nylons in bulk and at the lowest prices to customers. Customers can customize the quantity, dimensions, type of print, color, and thickness of the nylon. Bulk sales and the elimination of intermediaries are one of the most important influential factors in the low cost of nylon printing in Roll Polymer. Other factors such as the number of colors used and custom printing also affect the printing price.