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hospital waste bag

Manufacturer of various types of hospital waste bags (hospital autoclave waste bags).

Production available in all color options with the capability of printing from 1 to 8 colors.

Quality of production and printing is guaranteed.

One of the polyethylene products produced in roll and bulk form by the Roll Polymer company is the hospital waste bag or autoclave bag. This product is 100% hygienic and impermeable. It is available in various colors and dimensions. Customers can place orders for hospital waste bags in the color and dimensions that suit their specific needs. To learn more about the features of this product, please stay with us until the end of this article.

What is a hospital waste bag?

The hospital waste bag is a product used for the collection of infectious and fungal waste, among other types of waste. As you may know, fungal and infectious waste can be highly hazardous, and there is a risk of disease transmission through them. Hospital waste is comprised of items such as blood, mucus, secretions, and more, which must be disinfected using autoclave and hydroclave machines and then properly disposed of. Hospital waste bags are also known as biohazard bags and autoclave bags due to their use in disposing of hazardous medical waste, including items like bodily fluids, tissues, and more.

hospital waste bag

The difference between a hospital waste bag and a regular waste bag.

In most cases, for the production of regular garbage bags, they use raw materials of grade two or three. Additionally, these bags have a low thickness. That’s why their final price is low. Hospital waste bags, unlike regular ones, must be produced from high-quality, grade-one raw materials and have a high thickness. No type of infectious waste can penetrate the hospital waste bags to the outside.

What are the advantages of an autoclave or hospital garbage bag?

Production in various colors based on the type of waste.
The product boasts very high heat resistance, up to a maximum of 160 degrees Celsius.
It is not produced in black color.
It features a biohazard or hazardous material symbol or print.
It offers exceptional resistance and thickness.
It has a very strong and durable multi-row stitching.
It can withstand the weight of heavy waste.
It does not tear under high pressure.

Hospital disposal bags

The reason for the production of autoclave waste bags in all color bases

Hospital waste is categorized based on the level of potential risk it poses. Hospitals and healthcare facilities purchase specialized colored bags for different types of waste to easily and efficiently separate infectious, fungal, and disease-causing waste from each other. The polymer roll collection for autoclave waste bags does not have any restrictions on color. This product is manufactured in a variety of color options according to customer orders.

Hospital waste bag colors

How to print on a hospital waste bag

Hospital waste bags are printed with holographic or flexographic prints of “Biohazard” or “Hazardous Biological Material” to effectively convey the concept of the hazardous nature of this waste. These holograms should be printed in large dimensions to ensure they are easily visible and noticeable. For printing, black ink is commonly used to create these holograms. Certainly, customers of Polymer Roll can customize autoclave bags with new designs in a range of one to twelve custom colors. Even the smallest details are visible in these custom orders.

Production of hospital waste bags in normal and exclusive dimensions

There are no specific limitations regarding the dimensions and thickness for the production of hospital waste bags. These products can be manufactured in both standard and custom dimensions based on customer requests. It’s important to note that as the dimensions of autoclave waste bags increase, their thickness and stitching will also increase proportionally.

Production of garbage bags in different dimensions

Introducing different types of hospital waste bags

Perforated hospital roll waste bag

One of the types of hospital waste bags that can be easily separated during use is perforated roll trash bags.

Bulk hospital waste bag

Bulk hospital waste bags, as the name suggests, are delivered in bulk form, inside a roll, with various dimensions and thicknesses tailored to customer orders.

Acceptance of hospital waste bag production order in polymer rolls.

Polymer Roll Collection has no restrictions in the production of any of its products, including autoclave waste bags. They manufacture products according to the customer’s order, providing them in the requested quantity with specified dimensions, colors, and thicknesses. The products of this company are very reasonably priced.