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Stretch wrap packaging

The first producer of 5-layer stretch film.

Production in various dimensions.

Production in various thicknesses.

One of the commonly used plastic products is stretch wrap packaging. This plastic possesses a high stretchability and excellent durability, making it cost-effective compared to other packaging plastics. Products manufactured in various industries require secure and high-quality packaging to ensure they reach the customer intact and in good condition. For this reason, stretch wrap packaging is used in most industries. Stretch wrap films provide product safety during transportation and are tightly wound around them due to their high stretchability. In this article, we intend to provide you with more information about this product.

Production of stretch wrap packaging film.

Roll Polymer Company offers its products directly and in bulk to its customers by eliminating intermediaries. The prices offered by this company are the most competitive in the market. Products like stretch wrap packaging are produced in various thicknesses, ranging from one to five layers, and in different dimensions, offering customers more affordable options compared to other stores.

Introducing different types of cellophane stretch packaging

Introducing different types of cellophane stretch packaging

Stretch wrap packaging films are divided into two main categories: manual and machine stretch wrap. Manual stretch wrap, also known as traditional stretch wrap, is applied using manual force to package products, which can increase costs and reduce efficiency. In various types of machine packaging, stretch wrap rolls are applied using fully automatic machines onto products, and this method is more cost-effective in terms of efficiency. Additionally, it significantly increases productivity and efficiency.

What additives are added to the raw materials of cellophane stretch?

One of the additives incorporated into the composition of stretch wrap films is UV (Ultraviolet) or UV-resistant additives. This substance protects the stretch wrap film from sunlight and its UV rays.

Familiarity with the use of cellophane stretch packaging

Stretch wrap film can be used to package a wide range of products, including food items, providing protection and containment for various goods. The most significant difference between stretch wrap and nylon stretch wrap is more transparent. This type of packaging is used in various industries, including manufacturing, machinery, wallpaper production, ceramics, food industries, retail stores, furniture, and more.

Features of cellophane stretch packaging

What are the characteristics of a good stretch cellophane packaging?

Appropriate adhesiveness is considered one of the important characteristics of good stretch wrap film. This capability should be such that the stretch wrap film, after being stretched over the product, doesn’t come loose and effectively maintains the visual appearance of the packaging, securely holding the items on a pallet. In terms of thickness, this type of plastic should also be able to withstand pressure and impact while maintaining its stretchability property. The appropriate roll length, high resistance against tearing and puncture in partial tensions, acceptable elasticity, no deformation against heat and sunlight, suitable roll length and regular twisting, the presence of multiple layers to enhance the final quality and increase the mechanical capabilities of cellophane, having special features such as resistance to UV radiation, no dust absorption due to the addition of anti-static materials to the raw materials, production in matte and transparent colors, and the possibility of printing are among other important and practical features. Stretch film packaging is excellent.