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Salt packing envelope

Producer of salt packaging in all sizes.

Full HD print

All the items prepared for sale in stores in bulk are packaged in various packaging options. Salt packaging pouches are also a type of packaging that Roll Polymer can produce in various dimensions and supply to the market. Salt is considered an essential seasoning, and individuals choose from various types of salt, including industrial salt, pink salt, sea salt, or Himalayan salt, based on their dietary preferences. All of these substances are sold in cellophane-wrapped salt packaging. In this article, we will discuss the material, type of printing, and single-serving packaging of salt.

Salt packing envelope

What material is the salt packaging envelope?

They use OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) as the raw material to produce cellophane packaging for salt. The color of this type of cellophane is milky or translucent, which is why it is also known among buyers as “seashell back cellophane.”

Salt packaging cellophane printing with 1 to 8 colors

Printing on salt packaging is one of the crucial elements that play a significant role in increasing sales and attracting customers. The more attractive the design and printing of packaging, the higher the sales performance tends to be. Therefore, newly established salt production and packaging factories always strive to become a brand by offering their products in attractive and stylish packaging to customers. Roll Polymer can help with your marketing efforts by allowing high-quality printing of logos, text, and beautiful images in up to eight full HD colors on cellophane salt packaging, ensuring quality.

Types of salt packaging

Salt packaging according to the cost requested by the customer

For salt producers, this product does not come with significant profit margins. Therefore, investing in extra costs for very fancy and unique packaging for this product may not seem like a logical decision. For this reason, the Polymer Roll company does not impose any restrictions on customers when it comes to producing cellophane packaging for salt. They can tailor the type of cellophane to the customer’s budget and ultimately produce the best and most suitable cellophane for their needs. For more information and consultation with the company’s sales experts, please contact the phone numbers available on their website.

Different dimensions and thicknesses of salt packaging

Production of salt packing envelopes in different sizes and thicknesses

As you may be aware, Polymer Roll does not have any restrictions on the dimensions and thickness of their plastic products, including salt packaging pouches. Customers can indeed place wholesale orders for these pouches in any size and thickness they require. Since this company provides its products directly to customers without intermediaries, the prices of its products are typically more competitive compared to retail stores that sell plastic products.

Single cellophane salt packaging

Another type of cellophane used in restaurants and food packaging is single-serving salt sachets. There are no restrictions for customers when it comes to producing this type of packaging as well.