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Bulk freezer bag

Manufacturer of freezer bags in bulk packaging

Production in all sizes and thicknesses.

Quality Production Guaranteed

One of the best and most convenient packaging equipment with a wide range of applications for general and household purposes is the freezer bag This popular product is manufactured in various types, including pocket freezer bags, roll freezer bags, and box freezer bags. Customers can also purchase this product in bulk. Bulk freezer bags are sold unpackaged and by weight. In this article, we will explain the features and raw materials of bulk freezer bags, their dimensions, and their applications.

Production of bulk freezer bags

Production of Bulk Freezer Bags Using Polyolefin Materials

No primary packaging is used in the production of bulk freezer bags. For this reason, some bulk freezer bags available in the market are produced by profit-driven individuals using secondary and tertiary grade raw materials and recycled waste. Packaging food items with these bulk freezer bags can have a significant negative impact on food safety. Considering this issue, it is better to purchase bulk freezer bags from a reputable company and ensure their quality. When making a purchase, pay attention to parameters such as tensile strength, transparency, thickness, and end-sealing quality of the freezer bags.

Materials for making freezer bags

The bulk freezer bags produced in the Rol Polymer facility have appropriate transparency and thickness, and they are manufactured using high-quality polyolefin materials. The stitching and perforation of these bags are done using state-of-the-art machinery. The ends of these bags do not tear or break when filled with food and other items. To adhere to health and hygiene principles in the production of bulk freezer bags in the Rol Polymer facility, no waste materials containing toxic substances have been used. Packaging food items with these bags does not cause any harm to the food. By using polyolefin in the raw materials of freezer bags, the contents and food items inside are protected from hazardous and unhygienic substances.

Production of bulk freezer bags in various dimensions.

Regular freezer bags typically have dimensions of 35 centimeters in length and 25 centimeters in width. But it is possible for the customer to order the freezer bag in larger dimensions and sizes. These products can be produced in sizes of 18 by 25, 20 by 30, 22 by 32, and 24 by 34. The number of sheets in each freezer bag box can also vary according to the customer’s order. The bags available in the box come in quantities of 200, 250, and 500. Of course, these products can also be produced in larger sizes according to the customer’s order.

Freezer bag dimensions

Bulk exports of freezer bags are carried out by roll polymer .

The freezer bags produced in the Roll Polymer facility are of very high quality, which is why they are exported to other countries, including Turkey, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. The most important features of polymer roll export freezer bags are: The use of top-grade raw materials, the absence of waste and recycled granules, the utilization of state-of-the-art machinery for manufacturing and sealing bag closures, highly suitable thickness and tensile strength, and quality control of freezer bags at every stage of production, sewing, and packaging are the notable features. Customers can place bulk orders for freezer bags online through our website. Of course, there is also the possibility of in-person visits for placing bulk orders and making purchases.

In what industries is the bulk freezer bag used?

One of the most popular types of freezer bags known for its high popularity and superior hygiene and insulation compared to other types is the zip-top freezer bag. Zip-top freezer bags are suitable for both industrial and household purposes. Industries that use zip-top freezer bags include the food industry for packaging grains, spices, vegetables, meat, nuts, and hygiene products for packaging cotton products, sanitary pads, and cleaning materials. Zip-top freezer bags are also used in the medical industry for packaging blood bags, sterile bandages, and more. Additionally, the chemical industry uses these bags for packaging motor oil, building paint, industrial paints, and the agricultural industry for packaging pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and agricultural seeds.

Application of bulk freezer bags